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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Hey everyone! My blog is now housed at my website so please come on over to see me at and if you've been kind enough to have me linked, I'd love you forever if you put my new url in!

Monday, August 28, 2006


Whoops, I forgot to blog that tonight I'll be at the monthly Ellora's Cave Author Chat at Writerspace at 5 pm pacific/8 eastern! Don't miss it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I've got some cool new stuff for my blog and website in the works. Or, I should say my incredible webgoddess Frauke has some cool new stuff in the works.

I've become so frustrated with yahoo loops over the last year or so. The message delivery only works about 40% of the time within a ten minute period, sometimes (and much more often lately) not until a day or two later if at all. It bounces addresses randomly. Worse, it always seems to happen during a list celebration of some kind and messages come out of order, prize posts don't go up, people can't enter contests because they don't get the messages on time - it's just ridiculously frustrating.

So after seeing some folks move to bulletin boards through their websites successfully, I've decided to try out php bulletin boards at mine. Only I'm a technological doofus and I know I'd mess it up so I threw myself on Frauke's mercy and she's going to install it when whe gets my wordpress blog up.

Another frustration has been the increasing amount of time it takes to do daily blogging around outages, etc. So Angie the Magnificent (aka my editor) convinced me that wordpress was a great option to load it through my website and have more control.

Again, the goddess Frauke has taken pity on me and is helping me (and after all the hassle it's been dealing with moving from windows servers to linux servers - why don't they just say that wordpress won't work with windows servers?) and sql database insanity, I think it all may be in place by the early part of the week.

I'll make an annoucement here with all the corresponding re-directs, etc when it's ready to go!

c'est tout bon

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I go for months or even longer without watching some of my favorite movies and then I binge. So I watched all three Matrix movies over the last few days and I'd forgotten how much I loved them. Happy sigh.

'K, now I'm going to wax all fangirl about the movies so feel free to move on, LOL!

I love the duality in the Matrix movies, the lush quality of fantasy versus the stark reality. Still, there's something so beautiful about the scene where Link's wife is running around the dock with the other woman with the rocket launcher trying to take out the main digging machine. The concentration, knowing you're totally going to die but doing it anyway because why die a coward? Why not take them out if you can?

And the commander of the APU corps as they are on the docks as swarms of sentinels come in - amazing. I love that.

The Oracle, love it! The very first time Neo goes back into the Matrix when they're all dressed to the nines - gorgeous and then tragic. There's always that edge in the movies.

And Smith. Agent Smith is one of my favorite movie villains of all time. So complicated and totally batshit crazy! I love a crazy villain! The interrogation scene with they've got Morpheous in the agent headquarters and they come in with the helicopter? Fabulous! What imagination!

No small amount of tragedy in the movies though, I like that too. There are several points, usually between Neo and Trinity that I get weepy.

And speaking of Trinity - that moment in the first movie when she's just jumped from one building to the other, being chased by agents - she's on her back at the bottom of the stairwell and she's telling herself, "get up, Trinity, get up, Trinity" it's sort of one of my little mantras. I love her character! When she goes into the club and meets Monica Belluci (and oh my god, honestly, I adore her, what a completely beautiful woman Belluci is!) that little moment when Bellucci wants to kiss Neo, oh that was good! And when Neo saved her life! And at the end, when she tells Neo what she was going to say to him the first time he saved her life? *weeps* Motorcycle Trinity, helicopter Trinity, soft Trinity in a dress - she's a wonderful heroine.

Jada Pinkett as Niobe is fab too! That scene on the freeway with her and Ghost? Loved it! And when she's piloting the Hammer back to Zion in revolutions and the sentinels are all over the ship and she's just totally kicking ass with Morpheus at her side.

And who doesn't love Morpheus? What a great metaphorical character he is. This is a man who's gained legendary status and he's so humble in that strength. He believes in Neo even when Neo doesn't. Even at the end, he believes - puts aside his status and his pride and pours that belief into Neo. That's strength wielded wisely. As opposed to Locke, who can't believe in anything and now he's empty and bitter and holds on to Niobe as a way to get back at Morpheus but he doesn't truly get Niobe the way Morpheus does. Morpheus inspires because while he owns his power, he doesn't misuse it.

There are so many wonderful meta themes in the movies. I'm always in awe of the way all the important things in the universe are layered into the movies with such a deft touch. And yeah, sometimes a heavy hand, but still, if I can create characters that are half as vivid as Mifune on that damned dock, I'll count myself fortunate indeed.

Friday, August 25, 2006

       All Will Be Revealed...

A lot of times people ask writers about where they get their inspiration. Some authors have excellent answers that are complex and fascinating about process.

Me? Led Zeppelin. I'm not joking.

Music is a huge part of my creative process. I make jewelry listening to music, I cook listening to music and I definitely write and edit listening to music.

But as I was going through all my projects and notes, trying to put them in some sort of order of importance so I would not go insane and feel so stressed I just keeled over, I found a little three sentence word document. A kernel of a book.

And I began to think on it and the characters began to introduce themselves to me. But it wasn't until Monday when I was coming back from taking my 2 year old to her Well Baby Visit that it all clicked.


Here's where Led Zeppelin comes in. Kasmir came on the radio. Now I lurve me some Led Zeppelin. I love that bawdy mix of blues and 70's rock. I love the over the top references to the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and I love those hokey videos/mini movies they made.

So Kasmir came on and there's that opening. Now if you haven't ever heard Kasmir, go and download it from itunes or Amazon or something. Everyone should hear it. It's a great song. Slow, methodical, it's got this great sort of eastern flair (hence Kasmir). And the lyrics start.

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed

Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace, whose sounds caress my ear But not a word I heard could I relate, the story was quite clear

And there it was. Celtic Triangle was born, it had a title (with some wonderful help from my husband the following day) and my metastory fell into place and I finished my rough outline last night. I should thank Plant and Page in my dedication. Oh and my babysitter who first introduced me to Led Zeppelin when I was nine.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

       Ahhh, Parenting...

Right now the boys are running around the house with pillow cases safety pinned to their shirts and "flying" Of course I had to give the cautionary, "You can't REALLY fly. Do you both understand that? Repeat what I just said." because my sons, while loveable, tend to attract danger and injury.

We went to the new elementary school yesterday for the open house. New schools rock. They have a computer lab in the library with new computers that were donated by a local corporation. At my oldest's last school they had like 486s. Shameful. I do hope that school got some new computers too, it had the lowest number of computers per student in the entire district. The boys have a computer at home but most of the kids at their old school didn't.

My oldest met his 3rd grade teacher. He seemed very nice and it struck me how he is now moving into real school. They have desks in rows versus tables. Kiddo #1 said, "I've never had a teacher who was a Mister before." LOL, the dude was amused too. I was amused because the guy looked just like the lead singer of the Presidents of the United States.

He was also impressed that the library was just a few doors down, the bathrooms next door and the playground literally just outside. "All the things I like best!"

Middle Kid was most impressed by the fact that his kindy class had a bathroom in it.

Of course by tour's end, Ms. Terrible Two was throwing a huge fit and trying to toss herself out of my arms and if I put her down she laid on the asphalt. Sigh. That was just apparently part and parcel of my day yesterday.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

       Contest for Samhain!

Lots of give-aways this week to celebrate our coming back online better than before!

All Ebooks are 10% off through Monday, August 28 to celebrate being back online and better than ever.

All Trade PRINT books are ON SALE too! 10% off cover price plus FREE Shipping!

Daily prizes plus, a Grand Prize to be awarded on Samhain, November 1st!
From now until September 30, 2006, every purchase** will count toward a drawing for an ebook reader!
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Today's prize is an autographed copy of Rosemary Laurey's Be Mine Forever
To win, be the first person* to read and post a review for one of these titles

A Sixpence in Her Shoe by Liz Andrews
Love's Evolution by Ally Blue
A Carnal Agreement by Silvia Violet
Not Quite Dead by Sela Carson

*Reviews for review sites don't count, individual reviews only! You can be a reviewer, but your review can't belong to a review site.Thanks!

** Remember to enter the drawing without making a purchase by sending a postcard with your name, address, phone number, email address, and how you heard about MBaM to this address: My Bookstore and More 2932 Ross Clark Circle #384 Dothan AL 36301 All postcards must be received by October 31st, winner will be announced on November 1st, 2006

       Wednesday Griping

So I started off the day pretty well. My kids were mostly well behaved and my husband looked handsome and smelled good as he headed off to work. He called me a few minutes later with an idea he had about a title connundrum I'm experiencing and it was really good and cascaded into something I'd already been thinking on.

And then. Okay, I'm trying to be circumspect. Because this is a public blog and all but honestly, I get so frustrated by some things.

Firstly, a bookseller for any RWA approved conference who won't order books from an RWA approved publisher but who wants me to bring them myself and then take 40% from me? After treating me like crap? Oh, I don't think so. For the record, if I'm going to an RWA conference of any kind I don't think it's too much to ask that the bookseller be willing to order books from RWA approved publishers. Especially when I know for a fact that two of my readers went into the very bookstore chain and ordered copies of A Touch of Fae from them and it arrived. They have to use Ingrams or Baker and Taylor but they do for other titles too. So uh, thanks but no thanks. This only further deteriorates my opinion on this particular bookseller.

Edited to add - Have you ever read Kafka? Or watched the old Newhart show? You know, there's one rational person watching insanity and she tries to be rational and use a rational worldview but the system keeps on applying rules that are just insane? Okay, so this day keeps on getting worse and more Kafkaesque. When someone applies a rule and you say, "oh, but that doesn't apply because your facts are totally incorrect" and then they repeat the same incorrect info and shrug - that shit drives me up a wall. Why? Why do people repeat the same damned thing over and over when it's wrong? And then instead of just saying, "yes, it's wrong but I can't help you" which at least would be honest, they just say it again, like somehow that makes it correct.

Secondly, is it too much to ask that employees for a business actually do their jobs? Even just like, oh forty percent of the time? If you say, think answering emails is above your station in life, could you please answer your voicemail as a compromise? Because if you aren't at your desk all the time, one has to leave a message. But if you don't answer your phone, reply to your email or deal with repeated emails, it's sort of impossible for me to get my problem taken care of. Do you see my connundrum? Good, so glad we could have this little chat.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

       Tuesday News!

Let's see -

If you haven't gone over to Cobblestone and picked up Crystal Jordan's Full Swing, why not? It's a short, it's under 4 bucks and it's really good. So go on, you'll thank me.

It's release day at Samhain! And a good day indeed. Mandy Roth, Meg Allison, Lorelai James, Brenda Williamson and Emelia Elias all have books out! Go check out the homepage for the blurbs and buylinks.

I got a signed cover flat for Lacy Danes' upcoming Aphrodesia book What She Craves. Because Lacy is a sweetie. It's gorgeous and if you're in the Seattle area, she's having an author event at Third Place Books on Saturday the 26th! Check out her blog for all the relevant details.

I'm at the EC board today (link in the post below) and having a great time posting some fabulous excerpts. Of course the problem is that I want to buy everything I read. Well, that's not a problem really but my husband will hide the debit card one of these days!

There was a great article in the Detroit Free Press about erotic romance and my agent was quoted! Go Laura!

Oh and I've gotten a few notes recently about the font on my website being hard to read. I've adjusted it larger so hopefully it's better now. Please let me know if you continue to have problems!

Joyfully Reviewed is having a very long, totally fabulous One Year Anniversary party at their loop. I've had a blast. There are theme days and prizes and loads of excerpts and chat. Check em out! I love Joyfully Reviewed, it's a great site and it's always so nice to have another review site that writes comprehensive reviews and explains what about the book worked and didn't.

I think that's it for now. I'm over at EC if you want to come and wave hello!

Monday, August 21, 2006

       Powerful Paranormal Women List Mom Day!!

Don't forget that Anya and I are going to be hosting the "Powerful Paranormal Women" day at the EC Readerboard tomorrow, August 22nd!

We'll have some great excerpts, chances to win great prizes, it's going to be fabulous! So come on by! I'll be rolling in at about 9 am eastern/6 pacific!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

       Release Date Moved Up for Taking Chase!

My most fabulous editor, Angie has informed me that the release date for Taking Chase has been moved from January 30, 2007 to November 21! Yay!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

       I'm Teh HOTT!

So I pop on over to Kate Rothwell's blog, because I love to read her and she's got this marvelous post up inspired by this hilarious one, in response to this eye goggling, seriously wackadoo chick whose blog is full of ads but who tells us all she's way too good for the rest of us.

So, inspired by Kate's clever little meme idea, I thought I'd play too! I'm going to list all the reasons why I am the shit, teh hawt, and frankly, way too good for 43.8 percent of men without jobs who live in their mother's basement.

1. I've had three children. This means while they have taken years off my life, they will provide a decent workforce as they grow older. They also probably have kidneys they can donate if I need one.

2. I know loads of words for different genetalia, which is good for about ten minutes of amusement on your part.

3. I know how to make food items look like novel things to try and entice children into eating healthy. How can you turn down a celery stick with peanut butter and raisins that is "ants on a log?"

4. I've taught two sons how to pee sitting down. This makes me a superhero.

5. I know how to use a phone and computer, these are things Cleopatra could not do. I am so much hotter than Cleopatra was.

6. My stretch marks are better than yours.

7. I know lots of ways to describe oral sex with a vampire.

8. I've seen Anya Bast take tequila shots and you haven't.

9. I can eat a whole can of sour cream and onion pringles.

10. I know the words to about 93.2% of Pearl Jam's song catalog, including their rarities. Yes, I am a freak but I draw the line at looking around town for the band members (although I've ridden in an elevator with Ed at my old job and didn't even stalk him so I have self control, bitches)

11. I snickered when Jackie there talked about her libido. Let's see if she can get it regular with three kids. I can. Therefore I am hotter than Jackie. Even if I am old, clearly my time management and libido are better than hers so nanny nanny boo boo.

12. I've been with my husband for 2o years. He's seen me as a high breasted, big haired 18 year old and a slightly graying (hey baby, love that feria cardinal red!) 38 year old who can nurse a baby, write a novel and make ants on a log. Hands down that makes me sexier and more desirable than Jackie any day of the week.

13. I know the words to Silly Hat and most other Barney songs and I am not afraid to break em out to stop a tantrum on a road trip.

I may be old and not as thin as the percentages Jackie there gives, I'm not actually single or looking either, but I am still way too good for Jackie who will never be able to make a celery stick look so good or sneak a jar of pureed veggies into macaroni and cheese to trick her kids into getting their vegetables. I am way more devious.

Friday, August 18, 2006

       12 Sharp

Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

First let me start by saying how much I love librarians. I adore them. I've never met a librarian who wasn't fabulous. When I was on vacation, my hold on Twelve Sharp came up and of course I lost my place because I didn't pick it up in two days (a good rule for books with lots of holds). So when I saw that I'd missed it and looked to see NINE hundred holds (I'm not exaggerating) I was bummed and figured I'd have to wait a month or two to buy it or go to the end of the line and get it next year when my hold came up.

Anyway, my husband told the librarian my tale of woe and she told him to have me call her and she'd put me back near the top. I called and she did and yesterday I picked it up and I finished it last night.

I love the Stephanie Plum books. I love that Stephanie is a woman who has issues and a messed up but wonderful family and a sense of community and who is just a mess on several levels. Evanovich has created a really complex and wonderful world with her Plum books and I know I'll always laugh out loud at least three times when I pick one up. I've been hooked since I picked up One For The Money.

So last year when 11 On Top came out in hardback, I rushed out and bought it and ended up profoundly disappointed. I thought it seemed rushed and there was a lot of fertile ground for expansion but she didn't. And many wasted opportunities with Ranger that seemed more frustrating than tantalizing. There were some great moments (the scene with the dogs had me laughing for days) but overall, it felt like it got cut off halfway through the story.

I worried that 11 was the end of the Plum series.

But I was wrong and I'm relieved.

In 12 Sharp, Evanovich has brought Stephanie back to her former glory and given us a great mystery and a story I really loved. This isn't a review site really so I'll skip the synopsis of the plot. You can get that and the first chapter at Janet Evanovich's website.

But this is a Rangercentric book. Dreamy sigh. Up front, I like the bad boy. I like the dark and mysterious bad boy even more. I'm a Ranger girl so a whole book about him and his past? Yum.

Quick dialog, no dragging moments. Nice tension about the mystery. Stephanie is still messed up but she doesn't do anything that made me scratch my head in annoyance. We get lots of Grandma Mazur and Lula and the funeral home has new owners. Morelli is there in his hot and sexy glory although I wish Janet wouldn't close the door on the sex scenes! I don't need the full monty (okay, I'd like the full monty but I can live without it) but I've loved it when she's given details in the past. It adds something to the story and helps me understand why she'd stay with Morelli when Ranger is so yummy and lurky ready to pounce.

I thoroughly enjoyed 12 Sharp and I highly recommend it!

Anyway, I also have Kitty and the Midnight Hour and Kitty Goes to Washington in my TBR stack. When I finish Threat of Darkness I'll read them both.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

       Talk to Me! (oh and TJ too!)

Hey folks, TJ Michaels and I are going to be chatting at TRS at 6pm pacific/9 pm eastern tonight, Thursday, August 17th!

We'll be chatting about our current and upcoming books from Samhain and Ellora's Cave and just hanging out and having fun.

Anyway, come by. We'll give stuff away and talk about upcoming books!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The winners of my blog contest (reader's choice of a download of any of my available titles) is:

Cherie J

Please send me an email (laurendane @ laurendane. com - no spaces) with your title and format preference.


       More Crafty Stuff and A Congrats to Anya Bast!

Firstly, congratulations to Anya, her Edge of Sweetness is out today from Ellora's Cave! It's a BDSM themed quickie that I was fortunate enough to get to read early and I loved it. So go buy it already!

The rest will be all writerly. I don't normally write about craft here but I notice I have a bit this week. I don't know why but it just occurred to me and I thought I'd put it up...

I got seven thousand words written on Threat of Darkness in the last two days, pretty good especially as I'd been feeling a bit of that mid book slump. I'm past it now and it got me thinking on how writers deal with periods in every book when you just don't want to write it anymore.

To ramble a bit, I finally had the time to sit down and read this month's RWR. I read "the letter" before I left on vacation and that was enough for then. Now I don't read it cover to cover and think of it as the "romance bible" but I do usually find one or two useful things in every issue. So I saw an interview with Nora Roberts inside and I read it (and I talk about it a few entries ago)

I know some people love to hate Nora Roberts. I'm not one of them. I may not love every single one of her books (and god knows she's got a million of them and some of them are my favorite romances evar!) but I admire her as a writer. Her ability to sit down and do the work. You don't have a career like hers without some serious balls and committment and I like that.

Anyway, her main thing throughout the interview was "sit your ass down and do the work." And I have to agree with that. There are a million reasons not to be able to get work done every day. Your kids are needing you, your partner needs you, you have laundry to do, you have a day job (kids or not), you don't feel well, you're tired, you want to watch TV - whatever, they're all compelling reasons.

I hit that place in every book. Every book. Some books more than once. I. Just. Don't. Want. To. I can't get in touch with my characters. I hit a wall in the action. I go from 3K every night to 20 or 50 words. I start thinking about other books. If I get this way in the middle of a sex scene it's even worse because I can't write around a sex scene, I have to finish it and each sex scene should mean something and it really gets me.

Anyway, generally, I just push through. I make myself push past it and write. Even if it's just 20 words. Sometimes I'll go back and do an over read and edit through to where I'm stuck. This helps most often actually because I feel like I'm back in the whole of the book rather than going scene by scene as it tends to happen to me these days because I'm editing multiple books and writing too and I have to lay things aside and pick them up later which leads to a sort of disconnect fromthe whole of the project.

Anyway, I'm past it for now. This particular book has had two such places for me. I did put it aside two months ago to write Taking Chase which helped but when I picked it up again, the same slump was there and I just sort of wrote around it. Last night I punched through it and dealt with it and I'm hoping to be done with the "I don't wannas" with this book.

Anyway, I suppose that Nora is right. This is a job. It's the best damned job I've ever had and I want to keep it. And writing is so fun and interesting but sometimes it can be tedious too. You've got to work past the tedious to find the fun again.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My desktop is back home. Happy sigh. Still *rolls eyes* when my husband went to pick it up, turns out they hadn't backed up the data from the fried hard drive. And I'm all, "What? If they didn't back the data, what have they been doing with the computer all this time?" So the desktop came home and we have to wait, yet more time, for the data, which I continue to hope they can save.

Anyway, I was able to update my website and I can do all the things I needed to but could not on the old, slow Mac we were using in my desktop's place. My laptop served me well through the difficulties thank goodness and now I can continue to share back and forth between my lappy and the desktop. Yay!

My poor, sweet husband had his first day back at work in a few weeks yesterday, got the computer, found it wasn't backed like it was supposed to be, came home to a very frazzled wife who had HAD IT with the kids, one of whom was sick for part of the day and still dealt with putting all the programs back on the desktop. He rocks and I am very lucky.

I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight.

I know! I am so darned glamorous! I need to mop the kitchen floor. I HATE mopping. I want a scoomba to do it for me.

I opened up my laptop late last night and was not into writing. But I have this little rule and I must do it, at least for thirty minutes every day unless I'm on a vacation. Anyway, I ended up writing the beginning of Dangerous Beauty - Minx and Connor's book instead of working on Threat of Darkness. I had to get it down because it had been taking over my brain yelling at me. So it's down and hopefully I can finish up TOD now that I've given in a bit to my muse.

Oh and I finally read the interview with Nora Roberts in RWR. I don't read RWR from cover to cover like a lot of people do. It's not that compelling to me, I flip through it and find a few things I like and put it aside. It came before I left on vacation and so I hadn't read the interview.

I love Nora Roberts. Why? Because she does not pull punches. I loved her advice, which was, in a nutshell, "work your ass off and keep doing it." There was no, "my way is the only way and if you don't do it my way you will never succeed." There was no, "your books are evil/dirty/bad/wrong" It was just a woman talking about her own writing and her own path and I dig that. I like how she's all, "do it and stop whining about why you can't!"

She's not selling magic beans (write a best selling romance in 30 days ring any bells?), she's not calling on some magical process (unless the storytelling itself is magic, again, yeah!), she's just saying, "It's a job, the best job evar, stop bitching and get your butt in the seat"

Okay, enough babbling for now. Have a lovely Tuesday and remember, it's release day at Samhain! Get on over and see what Liz, Ally, Sela and Silvia have to offer you!

Monday, August 14, 2006

       Monday Writerly

Finished with my last edits of Taking Chase last night. I got comments back from beta which always helps mightily. Anyway, I find that I really like writing romantic suspense because it enables me to create emotionally complex characters working out their shit. And I like the mystery aspect as well. Anyway, it was fun to write and according to beta, I made them cry more than once, hee! This book's heroine is a domestic violence survivor on the run from a homicidal ex husband. She lands in the small town that the other book is set in and the sheriff from the last book is who she ends up with. Only after a lot of struggle and they're both very hot headed and so it's complicated because she doesn't trust herself or anyone else and he's got his own baggage. Anyway, I think I did justice to both of them. We'll see what my editor thinks.

And so I got back to Threat of Darkness last night after I finished up with TC. And woot! I'd been sort of stuck before so I put it aside and it's in the zone now. Yay! I feel like I have a better handle on Mei's character now for some reason. The muse is an odd thing but it just goes to show that sometimes you need to listen when she wants you to put something aside. So I'm already halfway finished with it from before (and as I read it over, it was something I was really happy with so that's good) and I'm hoping to finish up by the end of the month or early September. It's nice to do something paranormal after writing a few contemps in a row. The variety is really good for my creativity, keeps me sharper and interested.

The longer I do this, the more interesting I find the whole process of being a writer. Because it's not just about the writing of the books. I know many authors wish that were the case, but it isn't. There's writing and then revising and editing, submitting. And submitting is different if you're sending your manuscript to a new publisher or an already established relationship. It's WAY easier for me to submit to EC and Samhain because I know what to expect and I know how to write for each. A new publisher is different, each publisher has its own rules and formats. And now that I have an agent, that's a different process as well. She's going to look things over and suggest revisions too. And of course you're writing differently if you're doing a proposal, which involves a detailed synopsis and a partial, or a full manuscript.

And then you deal with waiting. This is what I suck at. I HATE waiting. I'd rather hear a no back right away than wait months. I hate it. At my established publishers, the wait is not nearly as long as my stuff waits in NY. I try not to think about NY once something goes there but I fail. Refer back to the " I HATE waiting" sentence above.

Once you hear back and it's a yes, you deal with edits. Again, with EC, my editor and I have a good relationship and some good timelines set up. I have a rough idea when to expect things from her and I know in most cases it'll be two rounds of edits and then off to final. With Samhain, things are a bit newer, I've only gone through the process once so we'll see what happens this time.

If the submission is a no, you have to decide what to do from there. Do you submit elsewhere? Start something else? Revise? Thrice United, a the next Witches Knot book that should be out late this year or early next from EC, started out as Witches Knot and my EC editor didn't think it was romance enough. My agent didn't like the sheer number of characters. So I revised it and resubmitted it a year after first subbing it and my EC editor LOVED it. Sometimes your books need a cooling off before you can make them into something else. Sometimes you can't bear to change them at all and they become "trunk books" that you hope you can sell at some time in the future. Enforcer was originally a proposal for an EC anthology. It didnt' get chosen but my editor loved the idea and told me I should make it into a novel. I did some eight months later and it turned into a completely different direction and it's probably one of my favorite titles. Sleight of Hand was an idea for a very short story that ended up a novella at Whispersl

And then it's all final and line edits and releases and promotion. And I am a firm believer that promotion is important. But I often find that a lot of promotion out there is ineffectual or outright annoying. Honestly, I'm a reader too and I hate it when an author I never see except on a release day comes and drive by promos one of the lists and is off again. Readers are not a commodity! Show them the respect they deserve. For goodness sake, get to know them, talk to them! Don't shove your book at them and run off.

There are chats, which I started off wary of but I really enjoy. And author days and that sort of thing. I do ads in RT and other places but I prefer the personal touch and one on one with readers. I like to hear what they like and don't like, what they want to see more and less of. It may or may not affect what I write, but I'm interested anyway.

And then you write again. LOL. Usually, I'm writing, editing and in promotion mode for two or three books at once. It keeps me busy and I can't complain about that at all!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Okay, I realize that with vacation and computer woes I haven't done any contests in a while!

So, for a dowload of reader's choice of my available titles - I want you to respond - TO THIS POST (so i can keep track easily) to this question:

Who is your favorite Lauren Dane hero or heroine and why?

I'll choose TWO winners from the posters on Wednesday the 16th at noon my time.

Good luck!

Today my middle kiddo is five. Wow. People always tell you when you're growing up that time will move by quickly once you're an adult and they're so right. Only you don't know it then, which is kind of sad. I was telling him his birth story last night, a tradition round here on birthday eve, and he *got* it for the first time. Last year he sort of looked around and asked about his cake, LOL. This time he was like, "Really? The doctor had purple tie dye clothes on?" He's starting kindergarten in three weeks. My baby will be two in four days and my oldest nine in three months. Time does fly and every minute, even those in which my kids are tying themselves to bookcases and running, is precious.

Weepy mommy moment over now, LOL.

I finished Taking Chase yesterday! Woooot! I'm editing it now and it's out for beta so Angie the magnificent should be getting it soon. It's an interesting process, writing a book. You write it bit by bit and have an idea of what it is but it's not until you finish up and read it as one solid thing that you truly see it. Sometimes you have to shore things up and other times it's better than you thought it would be. Usually, I find myself in the middle. I have to say that I really love this book and the characters.

Now it's back to my paranormal universe!

Friday, August 11, 2006


I am sooooo close to being done with Taking Chase I can taste it. I always hit this point at the end of every book when I feel simultaneously anxious to be done and a bit sad it's over. I'll be sending it out to beta by the end of the weekend and getting it to Angie the magnificent shortly thereafter.

Then I've been really thinking about whether to finish up Threat of Darkness (Jayce's book) or to write Minx and Connor's book (Deadly Beautiful is my working title). I'm halfway finished with TOD, which makes it the better choice but I can't get the opening of DB out of my head. We'll see when I finish up with Taking Chase.

I was reading a magazine earlier where a reader wrote in to complain that all reviews should have a warning if the book is in first person and called for people to write publishers to demand an end to all first person books. Now, I haven't written a first person book but there are several I quite enjoy. It seems to me that it's akin to writing to demand no blonde heroines or no horses in books - you read what you like and realize that there are people out there who like what you don't (heroines who scream every time they orgasm for instance). I can't get worked up over it, I just don't read what I don't like. But I've found over my years reading, that if a story is well told, it doesn't matter what POV is used or if there are horses or race cars or screaming heroines even. It's a bit disturbing as I realize I'm sort of mellowing in my uh, not middle age.

Today, two of my three children gave me the "what the HELL possessed you to do that?" moments. Firstly, my five year old tied a scarf around himself and then to a bookshelf and ran. Yes. Ran. CRASH!!! I run into the room and he's still trying to run, like one of those hyper little dogs and I'm yelling at him to stop before he hurts himself and I see that one of my favorite Japanese containers has broken into pieces and it had the roses that my dad gave me when I had my first child in them and my grandmother's rosary and they were everywhere and I'm so pissed off and scared that he's hurt himself and he's STILL running and I'm trying to hold out the 2 year old with a foot and grabbing the other by his shirt and trying to untie the damned scarf as I'm gritting my teeth and crying. Ugh!

And then my two year old walks up, naked as a jaybird and hands me something. Yes, ladies and gents, the contents of the pull up she'd taken off. Sigh. I look up at my husband who's figured out what it was she's just handed me and I rush to dispose of the package and hold the child at arms length and toss her into the bath tub.

Honestly! Turds and scarves and I don't know what the hell the 9 year old has up his sleeve but I shudder to think.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I'm back from a solo vacation with my husband to Las Vegas (and oh was it wonderful!) and some family road tripping which was fun but I'm done with being in my car with my kids for anything over 45 minutes for the next little while. I love them but they drive me nuts when they're in enclosed spaces.

My computer is now being fixed (or I hope it is) and I'm sitting here on an old Mac. I am not a Mac person. I'm not disparaging Macs, they are just not my cup of tea. Plus all my books and excerpts are on my desktop so I can't do anything here just yet. Sigh.

My most wonderful agent gave me a few ARCs to read on a new line that I'm quite excited to submit to. I had lunch with her on Sunday and it was really cool to put a face to the voice and emails. I do so love my agent and so it was nice to meet her face to face and discover she's just as wonderful in person as she is on the phone and online.

I did get some reading done on vacation. Some of it was really good and left me quite satisfied. On the other hand, I have to admit that I hate stupid heroines and people who ALWAYS scream when they come. Seriously, it's too much. Plus, in one book, the screaming orgasmic heroine always said the hero's name with an exclamation point. What's up with that? I can't imagine knowing this woman. I don't want to. Sure, sometimes it's pretty darned hot when you come and occasionally you may scream. Screaming each time seems a bit of overkill as well as cringeworthy.

Back to my glamorous life, I need to change a diaper.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

       Ramblings on Writing

Generally, I hate rules. I know, how messed up is that when I'm a lawyer? But I digress (not uncommon, I know). I don't buy into the "rules" about romance writing except for the HEA and basic punctuation stuff (and I am sort of a fascist about certain things like when people automatically put apostrophes in every word with an "S" at the end, WTF? There's plural and plural possessive, LEARN THE DIFFERENCE) Whooops, that was a tangent.

Okay, back on track - So essentially I write the book that comes to me how it comes to me. I didn't even know it was like some uber sin to kill off a character until I did it (and I'm not saying which book for those who haven't read it). But you know what? Readers love that book, even if I make them cry (and he had to die, I swear).

And I write in multiple POV too. I can't tell you how many other authors have clapped a hand over their hearts and gasped at me that I'll never sell a book and how much readers hate multiple POV books. And I know there are readers who don't like multiple POV books. Just as there are readers who don't like erotic romance or who don't like inspirational romance or whatever - you read what you like and that's unavoidable and frankly, if I tried to write something everyone would love, how boring would that book be?

As a reader, I have my likes and I buy accordingly, but POV isn't something I find jarring or distracting if it's done well - so if you tell me a great story in 3rd person, go on with your bad self, or first or in multiple - the key is, tell it well. Tell it organically because if you are obsessed with the rules it shows. It bogs the story down and it becomes about form instead of substance. If you hate multiple POV don't write it, if you hate to write erotic, don't do it. Write your own story your own way.

Anyway, I do my thing and it seems like I've got folks who like it and I've sold 13 books so far which seems pretty darned good in my judgment. I write what I like and I'm darned lucky that people seem to like what I write (and there are exceptions, LOL).

I don't outline unless I'm working on proposal either. I do pants it, I admit. As my mother would say, I'm a free spirit, I can't help it. A free spirited control freak, which does not make me an easy person to be married to, LOL.

But I am superstitious. I don't want to be, but I am. I have this new book I'm fleshing out, my husband and I are actually doing a bit of collaboration on the plotting and I'm really excited about it. But I won't give details until I have a title and I'm further along. I can't work until I get a title. It drives me insane!

This is all pretty pointless but I simply can't think about Jan Butler anymore and so I thought, hey, Lauren, wouldn't it be cool if you like, talked about, oh I don't know, writing?

Friday, August 04, 2006

       Review O Rama!

Let's see, I've been terrible since my computer died about putting my new reviews up (oh and my ftp is all wonky on my laptop and I had to beg the ever marvelous Frauke for help, which she gave, to update my website)

Today I learned that Sudden Desire got an RR and FIVE angels from FAR! Jen says in part: A little wild and absolutely wonderful! Ms. Dane shows herself to be a very talented writer with this piece. All authors have the daunting task of creating likeable and substantive characters, and Ms. Dane successfully accomplished this feat in 43 pages, which I find truly admirable. I felt proud of Tess for standing up for herself and not settling for less than she deserved, and no matter how apparent Trevor’s flaws were, he proved to be an irresistible hero! With its touches of humor and a few blisteringly hot scenes, Sudden Desire was a complete pleasure. In fact, I think this is one of the better short stories I’ve read in a while.

Novelspot gives Sudden Desire an 8 and Elizabeth says in part: Sudden Desire is a fantastic novella that will surely tempt you – as it has me – to read more of Lauren Dane's tales, and with choice aplenty that should not be a hard thing to accomplish. I already have a few tales picked out. Sudden Desire is stunningly sensual from the get go, and the pace is kept up right throughout the story. Rest assured, the sex is very detailed, and slightly adventurous in terms of locations, but no taboo acts are engaged in.

Suz at Ecataromance gives Sudden Desire four stars and says in part: Ms Dane has a rare flair for showing the true emotions of her characters. With the desire between this unlikely couple slowly simmering, you will simply be unable to resist reading on for the fireworks. Although short and sweet, WARNING, Sudden Desire is too hot to handle!

Cynthia at A Romance Review gives Sudden Desire Four Roses and says in part: Sudden Desire perfectly blended eroticism with humor. There’s nothing like a smart-aleck heroine to move the action and dialogue of a story. Lauren’s version of the office romance will make you grin long after you have finished the book.

Erotic Escapades gives Giving Chase Four Tattoos and Ophelia says in part: Giving Chase by Lauren Dane has many plot twists and turns to keep the reader guessing what will happen next. Maggie’s character has had very little love and affection in her life. She is not used to the boisterous and outgoing Chase clan. They open many emotional doors that she never knew existed. Kyle is an easygoing man comfortable with his good looks and uncomplicated lifestyle. His immediate lustful reaction to Maggie overloads his senses until he can think of little else. I was particularly impressed by Ms. Dane’s use of the vivid secondary characters which helped embellish the book. (...)

Giving Chase is a delightful story that I will pull out to read again and again. I hope Ms. Dane continues this series about the Chase brothers. They all sound so yummy.

Candy at Coffeetime Romance gives Giving Chase four cups and says in part: Kyle and Maggie are two excellent characters that bring absolute enjoyment and scorching, explosive passion to every page. Ms. Dane definitely has a winner with this story. I hope that this author will bestow more books upon us about the rest of the Chase brothers, especially the emotionally wounded Shane. I definitely believe everybody should make time for this book. This story was a pure delight.

Cynthia at A Romance Review gives Enforcer four roses and says in part: Cascadia Wolves: Enforcer , the first book in Lauren Dane’s new werewolf series. A feisty heroine and her forceful but sweet alpha male lover drive this clever engaging sexy romance filled with equally compelling secondary characters. Very well plotted with quick droll dialogue.

Contessa at The Romance Studio gives Sleight of Hand Four and A Half Hearts and says in part: Sleight of Hand by Lauren Dane is a thrilling romance story that is sure to set your blood on fire. From start to finish I was caught up in the dynamics of this exciting book. Both Lissie and Xander were very headstrong characters that did not believe in giving up on what they believed in. They were constantly butting heads, which made this novel a highly erotic and interesting read. The sexual encounters between Lissie and Xander were scorching hot and intensely passionate to say the least. I recommend this enjoyable read to all vampire lovers!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

       Oh yeah...Vengeance Due

So Witches Knot Book Three: Vengeance Due, released yesterday from Ellora's Cave!

Blurb: Simone Charvez admits she’s high maintenance, but she’s also more than the pretty piece of fluff everyone seems to take her for. When Kael Gardener walks into her shop, tattoos, piercings and bad boy attitude she knows she’s in for trouble. For Kael, the news that not all vampires are like the monsters that slaughtered his entire family is nearly as hard to take as his all encompassing attraction to a witch with a family that includes one.

Simone fights to get Kael to let his guard down and love her and Kael fights to keep his emotional distance from a woman he’s sure he has nothing to offer to. All of this as they race to find and kill the Oathbreakers who threaten not just all of New Orleans but Simone’s very soul.

       Checkin In From Vegas!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMe, this morning, wet hair and no makeup, taking five thousand vitamins that my husband forces on me every day, LOL. I had two hundred emails, sigh.

We had breakfast and then walked down to the Fashion Show Mall (which in true LV fashion looks two blocks but is like five miles) but it wasn't as hot as it was yesterday and we had a lovely walk. And they had a Borders which had Touch of Fae on the shelves and I signed it and left bookmarks too. They had Annalee's book and two of Anya's which was very nice to see. Even a Samhain title and the manager told me to come back the next time I was in town to sign more. A very good trip indeed.

Couples massage yesterday? Heaven. I love the spa services here.

We had gelato yesterday and then a late lunch at Sensei and I have to say it was the most satisfying dining experience I've ever had. I had the Tai (not my spelling) red snapper with rice flakes on the outside for crunch on a bed of pad thai veggies with a green curry froth (and I was dubious about froth on food but goddamn it was good). Deeeelicious. The man had the mushroom risotto with halibut and it was to die for too. But to start we had red chili naan and lobster and shrimp rolls served on an ice block ever so minimalistically cut to hold them and keep them cold. Honestly, I can't even describe how good it was.

Then off to see Lewis Black. Excellent seats, third row although I hate the four people to a table thing they had. He was on, I laughed a lot.

Las Vegas, sigh. Seriously, I know that what happens here is supposed to stay here but can someone please tell the woman with the spandex super mini that it's not made to look like it's going to snap off and hit someone in the eye at any moment? I love that women are not self consious about their body size, that's a wonderful thing, but not every outfit is made for every woman. Mini skirts are fine, just wear one that FITS. And polyester rubbed together over and over as someone walks in this heat is bound to cause an industrial accident. Men, okay, sir, please, please either wear a belt or get smaller pants, I don't want to see your hairy ass. Nor do I think sandals with black socks and white bermuda shorts is a postive choice.

I need to corner someone later on today to have them snap a few pics of me and the dude. We got some at Benihana the other night but I don't have a scanner here. Anyway, we're having a great time! I miss everyone and hope you all are doing well and behaving!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The winner of a pdf advance copy of Vengeance Due is...

AvidR! Email me at laurendane @ comcast. net (no spaces) and I'll get your copy to you!

Congratulations and than you everyone for your really great answers!