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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

       Primed To Pounce

Woo! Primed to Pounce is finally out! I have it now in my TBR pile but check out the link to see the marvelous cover and here's a blurb:

Astin Pharmaceutical and Biotech has its share of mad scientists. Delaine must get the goods on the crackpot who is using his scientific genius to create his own personal harem. During her investigation, she meets a man who would give Adonis a run for his money. After a messy divorce, Delaine is in no hurry to love anytime soon, but her spirit guide, a sleek, black mountain lion, is convinced he’s their mate.

When Justin lays eyes on Delaine, he’s dying to get next to her. There’s one problem—he’s seen her walking around a secret part of the Astin facility that she had no clearance to enter. Is she in league with the corrupt scientist he’s tailing? Or is she a mole who could blow his case, or worse, his cover?

When Delaine discovers the man she’s taken a chance on is undercover, a decision must be made. Should she kick his butt for not being honest about his undercover status while working her case? Or should she simply shoot him for sleeping with her best friend?

I've been waiting for this one for a while now! Congrats, TJ!


  • At 2:08 PM, Anonymous TJ Michaels said…

    Awwww shucks! Thanks so much for the congrats. I'm nervous as I don't know what! This is my debut release and while I just love the story, I hope everyone else does, too :D

    BTW, don't think I didn't get MY copy of Sudden Desire, girl! It's loaded on my eBook. And yes, I plan to take it to bed with me!

  • At 9:26 PM, Anonymous annalisa said…

    This sounds really good! Congratulations! :)

  • At 8:51 AM, Blogger Lauren Dane said…

    LOL, wooo! In TJ's bed at last, growwwl!


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