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Friday, June 30, 2006

       Reviews For Giving Chase!

Five Ribbons from Chrissy at Romance Junkies! I absolutely love Lauren Dane’s GIVING CHASE! While Kyle and Maggie’s relationship is a joy to read about, it’s really Maggie’s developing self-esteem and the way she finally stands up for herself that had me eagerly devouring the pages. The way she tells off her mother and sister is simply delightful and I wanted to applaud her. The entire Chase family is a marked contrast to Maggie’s dysfunctional family but their acceptance quickly wins her over. All the Chase boys are drool worthy and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this promising series. Ms. Dane’s GIVING CHASE is sure to be a hit with readers everywhere. It’s definitely a book you’ll want to add to your keeper shelf.

And Five Angels from Tewanda at Fallen Angel Reviews! Lauren Dane’s Giving Chase is an exhilarating ride from the first word. Maggie and Kyle are a wonderful couple that complement each other perfectly. While Maggie and Kyle are very passionate, friendship and respect are the cornerstone of their relationship. The mix of romance and mystery is perfect as Maggie and Kyle work together to insure their budding relationship. I enjoyed how Maggie had to confront both her attacker and her family in order to realize just how strong she is emotionally and mentally. The entire Chase family are wonderful characters that I hope to see again.

       Waiting - The Hardest Part Of Being A Writer

So you know, I'm probably one of the least patient people in the universe. I hate waiting and I hate it even more when there's nothing I can do about it.

A big part of the process of writing is waiting. You write a manuscript and before you finish you think that's the hardest thing. But you polish it and send it to crit partners and you wait. While you wait you begin to think what you've written is the biggest steaming pile of doo in the universe.

But you hear back and people dig it. They have suggestions, some you take, some you don't. And then you send it to editors. Now this is agonizing. You try to tell yourself to just pretend the manuscript doesn't exist, to forget about it and move on. But you can't, LOL. So you pretend to be well adjusted about it meanwhile checking your email every thirty minutes and every time the phone rings you send out a mini hope/prayer/wish that it's good news about the book.

Okay and then you hear back and it's good news and then you wait for the contract to arrive and be approved and then you wait for edits and then you wait for second round edits and then you wait for the FLE and then you wait for release and then you wait to get reader feedback and reviews and then you wait to see how it sells.

And then you do it again with another book and another.

This process is similar with agents and then when your agent subs your stuff to NY.

I used to think having an agent would be good because it took away part of the pressure. And it does. It becomes her job to think about new markets (although I still do of course) and she get the pitch together and she subs it and she keeps an eye on who has what and for how long.

But now I'm totally out of the process altogether. Which is harder than waiting when I'm in control. Because so little about writing, once the manuscript leaves my possession, is about anything I can control.

And my agent is wonderful, she keeps me updated on what's happening. If I email her she writes me back promptly. She's unfailingly supportive and has been a great advocate of my books but still, I wish I could do something to make the process move quicker! I wish I could just do A and then it would all play out the way I want it to. But I can't. We've done our part and now it's wait and see time. Sigh.

I like to think this is all a great learning process. That I'm learning patience and a zen attitude about it. But I'm such a liar! I am not learning patience, I'm learning how to disguise what a neurotic freak I am, which I suppose is something, after all.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

       Oh! Chat Tonight

All us Mavs will be at Novel Talk at 6 pm pacific/9 pm eastern! Come and join us. It's always a good time, LOL.

       Taking Chase Blurb

Here's the working blurb for Taking Chase, the next Chase Brothers book that I contracted this week.

Cassie Gambol is on the run. In what seems like another lifetime, her ex-husband nearly ended her life and effectively ended a successful career as a vascular surgeon. But even though the justice system found him guilty of attempted murder, he fled while awaiting sentencing and Carly Sunderland became Cassie Gambol.

Fleeing Los Angeles, she heads to small and off the map Petal, Georgia to start her life again.

Shane Chase, a man who's held himself away from commitment since his fiancée dumped him several years before knows the beautiful newcomer is hiding something. He’s wildly attracted to her strength and her underlying vulnerability as well.

But the last thing Cassie wants is another big, overwhelming man who wants to control her life. A battle begins between Shane, who knows what he wants and Cassie who does everything she can tries to keep a distance between herself and the very handsome sheriff.

But Cassie’s ex is back and he wants her dead.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

       Happy Hump Day Campers!

Hey all!

How's your Wednesday so far? Mine is busy. Got my first round edits back for Reluctant and my final edits on Tri Mates (it goes to final turn in when I'm finished which means a release date, woo!) and the FLE edits on Vengeance Due. So my EC editor has been a very busy woman! And now I'll be, LOL.

Oh and there's the little matter of finishing up Taking Chase now too. Okay, okay, I can do busy. It's my normal state of being and it's better to be busy than waiting around for stuff to do.

And my parents will be here on Friday so I'm cleaning around three grumpy children that I was dumb enough to give kool aid to. Yeah.

They moved the date of RT back a week due to the grand prix being the week they'd planned it for previously. I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun! I'm so excited to meet Renee and Joy and several other folks who'll be there in 07! I hope you can make it and be sure to me me know so I'll be on the look out for you! Megan, Anya and I will be there in Maverick force so watch out, Houston.

I'm so excited about Giving Chase being out at last! Please let me know what you think about it when you've finished.

Have a good day, folks and congrats to Jan Springer whose book, Sinderella, released today from Ellora's Cave. Looks like another winner from Jan!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

       New Contract, Contest Winners

I heard back from my editor today and Taking Chase, the next installment in the Chase Brothers series, is now contracted! Wooot! Joy said at my loop, "I love your editor." And I totally agree. Thank you, Angie.

And the winners of the Giving Chase Contest are: (winners, contact me to arrange for delivery of your prizes within 14 days, please!)

For the Website Contest:

The Grand Prize Winner of a download of Giving Chase and a Samhain GC is Shannon Wheelan!

Second and Third Prize winners of DLs of Giving Chase are: Purrpurrkoshkamb and Jennifer Lindsey

The winner of my loop contest of a DL of Giving Chase and some nifty TOF gear: Barb!

The winner of my blog contest of a DL of Giving Chase and a pair of handmade earrings is: Nonny!

Congratulations to all the winners!

       Giving Chase Is Now Available!

Woooooot!! Giving Chase is now available for sale from Samhain Publishing! I'm so thrilled, this one is my first romantic suspense as well as my first release from Samhain so I'm doubly excited!

I hope you enjoy reading about Kyle and Maggie!

Blurb: Some small towns grow really good looking men! This is the case with the four Chase brothers. The home grown hotties are on the wishlist of every single woman in town and Maggie Wright is no exception.

Maggie has finally had it with the men she’s been dating but a spilled plate of chili cheese fries drops Shane Chase right into her lap. The sheriff is hot stuff but was burned by a former fiancée and is quite happy to play the field.

After Shane’s skittishness sends him out the door, Maggie realizes that Kyle Chase has had his eye on her from the start. Now that Shane has messed up, Kyle has no intention of letting anything stop him from wooing her right into his bed.

Despite Maggie’s happiness and growing love with Kyle, a dark shadow threatens everything—she’s got a stalker and he’s not happy at all. In the end, Maggie will need her wits, strength and the love of her man to get her out alive.

Monday, June 26, 2006

       Monday Update!

I added a new page at my website that lists my books by genre for those who may be interested! It also lists things like whether the book is a menage, if there's MM interaction, if there are vampires, etc.

I'm chatting tonight at 5 pacific/8 eastern at Writerspace for the montly Ellora's Cave Author chat. It's always a really fun hour!

And tomorrow, I'll be at Novelspotters from the 9 - 10 am hour/noon - 1 pm eastern time to talk about Giving Chase, my romantic suspense novel that releases tomorrow from Samhain!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

       Just A Note

To all of my friends in those areas of the country being hit with scary and crazy weather, I'm thinking of you and I hope everyone gets through it all right. Please check in when you can to let me know you're all right!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

       Saturday Afternoon

It's hot today but there's a lovely breeze for now, which makes it so much nicer. My wonderful husband is now in the backyard putting up the cool shade canopy I said I wanted. Because he's just that good to me. Hee! I love hanging out outside on a summer evening when the kids are all running around.

My parents are visiting us soon and the kids are so very excited. It'll be nice to see them. My dad is getting ready to retire and I hope they move up here when they do. My children adore them and it'll be great to have them closer as the kids grow up instead of a few states away.

My oldest son's little friend calls our house six times a day. They talk about Pokemon incessantly. Did I mention that school just ended Thursday? LOL, I don't think I was on the phone at 8 more than, "hey Frances, wanna come over to my house? Great!" Click. Ah the times are a changing. He has kids in his class who already have cell phones. *I* don't even have a cell phone! Jeebus, makes me feel 900 years old.

I have a confession to make, I watched three episodes of Girls Next Door. I could not tear my eyes away. I pray these women are faking being stupid because if not, wow. In any case. it's car wreck awful. Like these women have a 9 pm curfew awful, LOL. Utterly fascinating, LOL.

Once again, "the woman" is reviewing paranormals even after she's told us all how much she hates the genre. Why, oh why, do people do this? Why do people review books from genres they hate? And this is not a blog, where hey, do whatever you want, it's a romance readers forum and she's the host. There's a huge difference. Drives me fucking nuts. I wouldn't review westerns or inspirationals because they aren't my thing (even though I did love Lonesome Dove and there've been some western themed romances I've enjoyed - Elizabeth Lowell being an exception to many of my rules). I don't understand it, it's like a holy mission for her or something.

I'm now beset by that late summer afternoon lethargy, warm and drowsy. Mmmm.
I took off word verification (cause I hate it) but had to put the damned thing back on this morning due to the spam pruning I had to do. Sigh.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Is this not just a breathtaking cover? I am in total love with this cover and Syneca is just, sigh, the best. it's my new favorite with Enforcer a close second. I LOVE the fonts and the poses of the people and Holly, she's so hot!

AND - on top of this marvelous cover and the RR for Giving Chase - I now have a release date for Vengeance Due (book Three of the Witches Knot series) - August 2nd! Happy Dancing all around.

Sigh, it's a good day, people!

       Woot! Giving Chase is A Recommended Read!

I got this email yesterday but I've been rushing around today and didn't notice it until just now! Thank you Joyfully Reviewed and Melissa for making Giving Chase a Recommended Read!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

       Oh! And an early review for Giving Chase!

The most wonderful Melissa at Joyfully Reviewed has this to say about Giving Chase: I’ve long been a fan of Lauren Dane, grabbing whatever she writes as quickly as I can. In my opinion Giving Chase has to be the absolute best book she has ever written. Maggie is heroine who is spunky and independent while Kyle is just the kind of to-die-for hero that I love to read about. Lauren Dane has crafted not only the sensuous passion between them, but also the deepening emotional bonds, in such a way that I became enthralled. Add to this the knowledge that each of Kyle’s three yummy brothers are slated to have books of their own and Giving Chase is a book should be on the top every romance lovers list.

Cool, huh! Thank you, Melissa.

       Excerpt O Rama and KNOCK IT OFF

I just spent the better part of my day sparring with Yahoo and hosting the Excerpt O Rama day at the EC Reader Board.

Dude, that was really a lot of fun. We had a shitload of excerpts and prizes and it kept hopping even when yahoo wouldn't let me on the damned board for several hours so I had to post blind.

In August we're doing a De-lurk day and we hope to do other things to get more folks to the board and posting, authors and readers both. I have to say I was bowled over by the level of participation from authors who sent me excerpts and donated prizes.

And well, EC readers are just the best. How can I complain about people who spend their days goofin off and hanging out for LM days?

I want to say all of this because well, it's true but also to point out that this is the kind of thing that's the norm. Not fights, not a divide, but this fun and celebration.


Knock it off. That is all. This can't go anywhere postive for any of us. Just stop it now before sides start forming and it goes wrong for everyone, readers and authors alike.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

       Oh! Cover Goodness

If you check my sidebar to your left you'll see the cover for Reluctant, my quickie in the Autumn Animalia series. It'll be out in September sometime.

Reluctant is a prequel. The story of when Layla (Lex and Cade's sister from Enforcer) meets and bonds with her mate Sid. She's not a happy camper.

Blurby Bit: Layla Warden had a ten year plan and it sure as heck didn’t include a mate. She had her flashy car and her corner office and all was right with the world until Sid Rosario sat down at her table and turned her life upside down.

Sparks fly right off as the two werewolves flirt over dinner and it’s no surprise to either of them when they end up back at his hotel room, naked and sweaty. But what is a surprise is that Sid is her mate and they don’t figure it out until the bond is sealed.

Angry and off balance, Layla asks Sid for some time to think and he gives her a day and a half to get herself straight. Any longer than that and the lack of the anchor of the tri-bond, the stabilizing third bond for a werewolf female, will begin to take its toll on the female mate’s sanity.

Layla, driven by confusion and fear, heads out of contact while a frantic Sid looks for her. What comes next helps a reluctant wolf find her way to acceptance

       Chatty Lauren

I had one of those dolls, or rather, a very cheap knockoff version of her. My sister got one too. I used to think it was lame that we had to have the same presents but now that I have kids of my own, I see why.

ANYWAY, I'll be chatting tonight at Novel Talk with some of the most wonderful Night Whispers Authors at 6 pm pacific/9 eastern so please drop by and say hello.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

       And Now A Post About Books

Okay so I finished A Breath of Snow and Ashes this last weekend (I mentioned that below) and as always when I read Gabaldon, I go back to pick up Voyager to at least re-read the scene where Claire walks into Jamie's print shop after being gone for twenty years.

Because as memorable scenes go, it's one of the big ones for me. It's like the wedding night scene in Outlander - it's so well written and unexpected on many levels that you can see the depth of the chemistry and connection between these two people.

Claire thinks about how she wants to run her fingers through his hair to feel his skull after all that time has passed, she sees the bump on his nose and knows it's been broken at some point. It's those little details that make the scene so powerful.

And when they come together the first time when she comes back, it's hesitant and shy as well as needy and passionate. I love that.

What memorable scenes to you return to over and over?

       Opinions and the Fake Reader/Author Divide

I'm probably going to be sorry for this but I'd like to talk about the perceived "reader/author" divide a little bit.

First and up front - I love my readers. I do and they know it and I do my level best to show them how much I appreciate their support of me and my work. I know that without them I'd be writing books for my hard drive instead of getting them published.

That said, simply because I write books instead of putting tires on cars or practicing law or making shoes in a factory does not mean I've signed on to not have opinions. Sorry, I'm opinionated. I have feelings and opinions and sometimes I share them and sometimes I start to share them and delete my response because along with my feelings I'm also somewhat of a public figure and so I need to be aware of that.

God, I don't even know what the hell that sentence means. See what happens when I try to walk a middle line and not offend anyone?

Okay fuckit, here's the thing - we all have opinions and yes, we know what they say about opinions, right? The expression of an opinion does not, simply by its expression, make me any more bitchy or poorly behaved than anyone else. I'm already a bitch, that comes with the opinionated part. But my having feelings doesn't make me bitchy. How I express my opinion is another thing entirely and that's the crux of the issue that gets missed so often. (For instance, see the difference between Lydia Joyce expressing her opinion at AAR and a certain other person - one is opinion, the other is opinion expressed in a manner destined to get people upset)

I don't like it when people think that because I write books, I have no right to have feelings. See, that's an opinion. I don't like it when they talk the worst kind of hateful stuff about authors as if we're merely laptops with arms. See, another opinion. You see, I'm not an animatronic person placed on earth to serve you. (if I was, I could eat all the chocolate and pringles I wanted and my ass would fit into my jeans. Oh and I wouldn't have those evil stretch marks).

And I'm not talking about Karen S, let's say that explicitly right now. I happen to like Karen and her ability to laugh at herself as well as other people. I have my own opinions of the flap at her blog but it's not even a thing and I'm not going there - enough people have spoken about it.

Frankly, I don't think there is an author/reader divide at all. I think there are some authors and some readers who get into it - to extrapolate that out to all of us is irresponsible. I love my readers, you can go to my loop and ask em if you like, or you can read this blog, shrug. I appreciate them and their support. And most of all, I respect them. And it appears they respect me too, which means a lot to me.

I'm looking out on the loops and blogs and I'm not seeing it. I see trouble spots but I'm not seeing a "divide" at all. I see some people who thrive on drama and shit stirring (on both sides) but for the most part, the rest of us are doing our own thing and getting along quite well and it pisses me off to have a few people trying to stir people up and make a problem when there is none simply to amuse themselves or get attention.

Not everyone is going to like you. That sucks of course, LOL, as everyone should love me and erect shrines to me with cupcakes and Pearl Jam CDs. But I'm as flawed as anyone else, hell, moreso because I'm neurotic as well as opinionated. I've got opinions folks and sometimes I'm gonna share em. If you want to share yours, it's only fair I share mine. Not that I will all the time you see, but I hold that right just in case something pushes my buttons and my husband can't talk me down.

Okay, I'm out.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Hello everyone! I just sent off my final edits for Vengeance Due and I hope, most fervently, to get a release date this week sometime!

I've decided to finish Battlefront, I got some really good work done on it last night, too! I'm just about ready to write the first big sex scene between Sera and Brandt - woot!

How is everyone? Did you all have a good weekend? Mine was tiring but good. The kids wore me out but they did sleep really well last night, LOL. It's my oldest's last week of school (yikes!)so I'm trying to enjoy the relative calm before the storm.

Finished Breath of Snow and Ashes on Saturday. Yep, made me cry. Twice

Saturday, June 17, 2006

       June Newsletter Now Sent!

I've just hit sent on the June issue of Vixenwriter. I hope you all enjoy it! This month there's an excerpt from Giving Chase, some contests and fun news and info. If you aren't receiving Vixenwriter yet, you can go here and sign up. It's a once a month mailing and I don't use your address for anything else.

Just an FYI - each month I get several "undeliverable" messages due to yahoo accounts being over quota. If it happens with the same address three months in a row, I remove the name from my list. So check those yahoo accounts!

       Saturday Greetings

Threat of Darkness

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
25,000 / 65,000

I was bleary eyed when I put my laptop away last night. I'm just about ready to write a battle scene and a big reveal.

But - I keep finding myself wandering around in Threat of Darkness. It's making me wonder if I'm meant to write it right now. It could be I'm tired and it's near the middle of the book stuff but I'd been really going well and now it's all fits and starts. I'm going to think about it today. I have other books to write so that's not an issue. I'm going to look through my project list and see if I feel motivated to start or finish something else. I have several things lined up so I'm not wanting for ideas and projects but I do really love this story so I need to really think on it to be sure I'm not just giving in too easy. Of course, I put aside Enforcer like this and it turned out to be such a wonderful experience and a very easy write once I was ready to pick it up again. My muse can be very bitchy and bossy but she's usually right.

My husband is off this morning at the Walk for Life with his co-workers. One of our friends will push her mother who is in the last stages of cancer, in her wheelchair. Made me call my mother and tell her I love her. And eat fruit.

But I have to make my own coffee (yes, I'm ridiculously pampered, he makes me a latte every morning). I totally suck at making coffee.

I did receive this lovely and flattering review of Enforcer from Euroreviews - FIVE flags from Holly (Thank you very much!) and she says in part: The Enforcer kept me enthralled throughout. With a well written plot, plenty of action, LOTS of heat, and the smart ass comments of Nina, this is an absolute gem of a book. I’m also thrilled to say that it is only the first in her series Cascadia Wolves. The sequels will be auto buys for me and I may have to do a bit of shopping on Ms. Dane’s backlist.

Friday, June 16, 2006

       New Review for Enforcer

Danny at Love Romances gives Enforcer FIVE hearts! It's a really wonderful review and she says in part: Ms. Dane created with the world of the Cascadian Wolf Pack a really fascinating place. The Cascadian pack hierarchy is really interesting, because there are two different Alphas leading the pack, Cade, the real leader of the pack and his brother Lex, the Enforcer and the hero of this book.

Lex is a wonderful hero; he is very dominant, but in the same way also very protective of his mate Nina as well as his pack. And she really needs his protection, because she does not always puts her own security first. He hasn’t an easy life with Nina, because both of them are stubborn as hell, but that is one of the reasons, why this story is so much fun.

ENFORCER is the fantastic start of a new series and this reviewer looks forward to read many more books about the Cascadians

Thank you, Danny!

We won't even go into the less than flattering reviews of Sudden Desire except to say I need some chocolate, LOL.


Whew! This week has seemed about nine days long. Thank goodness it's nearly over.

I sent off my proposal for Taking Chase to my editor at Samhain so that's one more thing off my to do list (and as I was polishing it up last night I realized just how much I really love this series and this town!) Taking Chase will also be romantic suspense and it's Shane's story.

Then I worked on my revisions for the proposal for Goddess With a Blade for my agent and finished that up. I'm working on the last bits on the synopsis this morning so I can go into the weekend with one thing on my plate - finishing Threat of Darkness!

Course, I'm expecting the second round edits for Vengeance Due on Sunday but those should be minor and I'll deal with them right away and get them back so I can get a release date.

Father's Day is Sunday and so I'm planning a huge breakfast for my husband who's just a great dad.

It's raining here again, sigh. Last year it was 90 degrees. I love the northwest, you never quite know what you're gonna get, LOL.

How is everyone today?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

       Titilating Thursday!

First off, this whole week the Night Whispers are blogging about first sales - check it out. We're doing a contest to win a download based on a random draw of commenters, head on over and see what we've got happening!

Working, working, working. It's all good. I wrote on TOD and worked on my outline for Taking Chase too.

The cranky toddler strikes again, she would NOT go to sleep, sigh. So I blearily worked on stuff that didn't require a lot of fine touch (like the actual writing) and did outline stuff. I don't hate the process as much as I used to, which I suppose is a plus.

Updated my website and now Vengeance Due has its own page with an excerpt. I've been promised second round edits by this Sunday so if I buckle down and turn them around ASAP I hope to be able to announce a release date by mid next week or so.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

       Primed To Pounce

Woo! Primed to Pounce is finally out! I have it now in my TBR pile but check out the link to see the marvelous cover and here's a blurb:

Astin Pharmaceutical and Biotech has its share of mad scientists. Delaine must get the goods on the crackpot who is using his scientific genius to create his own personal harem. During her investigation, she meets a man who would give Adonis a run for his money. After a messy divorce, Delaine is in no hurry to love anytime soon, but her spirit guide, a sleek, black mountain lion, is convinced he’s their mate.

When Justin lays eyes on Delaine, he’s dying to get next to her. There’s one problem—he’s seen her walking around a secret part of the Astin facility that she had no clearance to enter. Is she in league with the corrupt scientist he’s tailing? Or is she a mole who could blow his case, or worse, his cover?

When Delaine discovers the man she’s taken a chance on is undercover, a decision must be made. Should she kick his butt for not being honest about his undercover status while working her case? Or should she simply shoot him for sleeping with her best friend?

I've been waiting for this one for a while now! Congrats, TJ!

       Hump Day Greetings!

Last night I pushed myself to work on Threat of Darkness and I'm glad I did. There was just a little bump I had to get past and now I'm cooking again. Right now Jayce and Con have found Mei in a field of lavender on Lopez Island up here in the Northwest. Mei is pissed off, LOL.

I sincerely hope Yahoo is going to behave today after being very naughty this last week. I need to look into forum board software to load into my website and move my loop over there. It's a PITA when the messages don't get delivered for up to two days or they're out of order. I suppose the problem is that Yahoo mails out messages and message boards don't so I don't know if that makes it less easy for folks to participate or not.

Speaking of naughty, it looks like Blogger is back to behaving this week (fingers crossed).

Giving Chase releases in less than two weeks now! Wooot!

Monday, June 12, 2006

       I Would Just Like To Point Out

That the My Little Ponies wear swimsuits. Sparkleworks and Ranbow Dash are the only ones with the modesty to wear one piece suits. Pinkie Pie uses sunscreen.

This is where your life ends up when you have a 2 year old daughter. It's My Little Ponies and Pokemon. Sigh.

       This is Me For The Next Several Months


Giving Chase – releases from Samhain June 27
Finish up Threat of Darkness and get it to my editor at EC
Finish up revisions on GWAB proposal
Second round edits on Vengeance Due and Tri Mates

Hopefully see Vengeance Due released
Finish Taking Chase and get it to my editor at Samhain
Reluctant Edits
Hopefully hear back on whether or not Threat of Darkness has been contracted

Take a week’s long break from writing and the computer
Hopefully see Tri Mates released
Hopefully see first round edits on Thrice United
Start next project – I have to decide between Battlefront, the next Cascadia Wolves book or a Charvez universe book

Reluctant releases as part of Autumn Animalia series at EC
Finish book I started in August and get it to my editor

Edits on various books in the system – Sword and Crown, Taking Chase
I hope to see Thrice Bound out late this month

Open as of yet, I’d like to see Threat of Darkness out by the end of the year and Taking Chase too, but I don’t know what the Samhain schedule will be like.

Open! Hopefully editing stuff for next year

Most of this could change if I sell to NY which would give me a different set of projects to work on.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

       A Touch of Fae is Available at Amazon!

I love watching the distribution chain work! First it showed up in the warehouse, then at the EC print store and now at Amazon! Yay! If you read A Touch of Fae and you liked it, I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop by Amazon and leave a review!

And it's sunny today. Yeah! So far, so good and it's not even 9 am yet.


I received several notes Friday from readers, all but one about my new release, Sudden Desire (and all complimentary, thank you!).

But one was from a reader who was upset that she'd read I'd written a menage book with more sexual contact between the men. Her beef was that "Triad was great. It had the girl as the focus and the boys were clearly straight." and that if I write books where boyparts (my words not hers) touch, it would be making the men gay. There was some other stuff about agendas but that's not really part of this post.

And I thought long and hard about how to respond. Because hey, she's a reader, she has a right to her opinion of my books. She has a right to like certain kinds of books and to dislike other kinds of books. And I do have straight M/F books (more of those than menages) and books like Triad, where the sex is MFM (although in Triad there is a clear attraction between the two men). In the book she referenced, Thrice United, it's still MFM most of the time but there is sexual contact between the two men. They're all together in a relationship, bound in a magical sense as well as a romantic one. While Holly is the center of their attentions, there's attraction between Nate and Rhett. (BTW, there's MM boylovin in Vengeance Due and Tri Mates too although TM is MFM and Vengeance Due is a straight M/F romance and the MMF scene is between Lee, Alex and Aidan from Triad)

In the end, I decided to say what I feel, which is that romance is romance. Love is love. Sometimes it's between a man and a woman, sometimes its a man and two women or two men and a woman or two men or two women - whatever. The issue isn't the combination of pink parts to throbbing parts. The issue is connection. And so, for me as an author, I'm not going to shy away from MM scenes because I'm worried it may make my characters look gay. They're bisexual, clearly. But in a bed, between the people, it's about love and connection and depth of emotion and I'm hoping that the average reader isn't thinking about sexual orientation at all.

And you know, okay so I'm gonna talk about agendas here after all - I'm going to write about people I care about. I want to write three dimensional characters who are interesting. Some are gay, some are straight, some are bi - my hope is that they're all just people you want to read about. My agenda is that I plan to keep being bold when I can. My agenda is to not write any romance, ever, where the woman is a whiny, stupid twit who waits to be saved because she's a girl and the hero is a man. She might wait to be saved because he's got the expertise and she doesn't, but she's not going to be a handwringer and she's not going to be called a whore by a character called Alpha but who is really just an asshole.

I'm sorry that I can't appeal to everyone. I'd love it if everyone thought my books were peachy keen. But if I had to do that at the expense of writing the characters who want to be written, I'm not interested. My hope is that when you read one of my books you see a group of people on a journey together. The combination of body parts is something I hope is interesting and well written, but something less important than who they are to each other.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'm going on a "date" with my nearly 5 year old son later this afternoon. He's sad because he wasn't invited to a birthday party that his brother's at right now. Poor sweetie. So we're going to grab pizza, just the two of us, when dad and brother get home. I asked him if he wanted his brother to come along and he thought about it for a while and then said, "No. I don't think so. I want it to just be our date, momma."

I didn't write a single word last night. I read and went to sleep early and my lovely husband let me sleep in today even. So tonight it's my plan to finish my Tri Mates edits and then work on Threat of Darkness while processing some stuff about my revisions for GWAB that my agent sent (I need to flesh out a battle scene) so being in the paranormal world will be helpful and I did promise to get TOD to my editor by the end of June so I need to get moving! I'd gotten caught up in Taking Chase but I need to finish this other stuff and then finish it up.

I've gotten some really wonderful reader feedback on Sudden Desire, which is always really nice to hear!

I updated my website and added the first chapter of Triad to the Triad page. I'll do the same for A Touch of Fae in the fall. I put Thrice United on the coming soon page along with Reluctant. I saw the cover for the Autumn Animalia series. Two words: biceps tattoo.

Friday, June 09, 2006

       Discussion Board Mafia

Damn it! I wrote this long rant about the discussion board mafia and the hostility toward any difference of opinion in this country and blogger ate it! Perhaps it was a sign, LOL

In any case, I am sick and tired of weak willed bullies who can't handle that other people don't have the same opinion that they do so they flip out and do everything to silence and stifle it. Suck it up. That's democracy. Don't like it, don't read it. Debate it with some intelligence and civility why don't you?

And honest to goodness, people, if someone doesn't like your favorite author, please don't turn into the freaking mob and jump on anyone who expresses a different viewpoint about a book. It's really offensive and you know, I'm a writer, I like free expression. Counter it with another opinion but stop with the boot stomping on the book boards!

I like Diana Gabaldon. Do you know how many people hate her? Sheesh, if I'd listened to them, I'd never have picked up one of her books, LOL. And I'd have missed out on some of the best books I've read in the last decade. If you don't, that's okay. She's not for everyone. See! And yet, I am still able to enjoy her books.

If someone doesn't like Jane Doe and you do, good on ya! But do not ask for an opinion on why the person didn't like it and when they give you one (free of nastiness and specific and pretty close to all the other criticism I've heard of this book) don't turn on the person and savage her while simultaneously acting like you're somehow superior in your intolerance. You look like an asshat. A petty, whiny asshat who is so insecure in her own opinions she cannot bear to hear anyone else's if they differ. Especially when you are brutal in your constant derogatory comments about other books (even those you haven't read)

It makes the boards unpleasant for all of us when some Jawbreaker-esque/Heathers clique ruins any attempt at actual discussion that is more than "this is great!"

Freedom of expression - it's what's for dinner. Get some.

       Sudden Desire is Now Available!

Pay no attention to the odd thing he's doing with his hand! I do love Tess, she's a great heroine who won't settle for second place. And Trevor starts out an arrogant ass but he's got a heart in there. He just needs to get on the stick before he loses her.

It's a quickie - 12K words, and a contemporary. Click the cover for an excerpt! A nice Friday afternoon read. Heh.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

       List Mom Day!

Don't forget, I'm having a LM Day tomorrow, Friday June 9 to celebrate the release of Sudden Desire! I'll be there from 8 am to noon pacific time. There'll be excerpts from various Fun In the Sun authors and prizes too! Just show up to the Ellora's Cave Readerchat Board (not a chat room but a message board).

       A Touch of Fae Now Available In Print!

A Touch of Fae is now available in print! Checked this morning to see it was up and for sale at the EC print book store!!

I can't wait to see it on the shelves too! I do love Em and Con!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

       Thrice United...

So I think we've decided on a name for the 4th Witches Knot book - Thrice United. I couldn't use Thrice Bound because bound is for BDSM titles only. Anyway, I'm happy with it.

Here's the blurb:

Alone and facing a lifetime of unanswered questions, Holly Daniels sets out on a journey of personal and emotional exploration that causes her to take a deep and unflinching look at herself and the people in her life. Her mother has died recently and Holly wants to know who her family is. She wants to know why they tossed a fifteen year old pregnant girl out without a care. Wants to know who she is and what these powers she has but has been forbidden to use mean. She wants to know who is out to hurt her and why. And she wants to know why on earth two hotter than hot vampires are insisting she’s their mate and professing their love, protection and companionship to her. Nate and Rhett work to get Holly to accept their bond and let them into her heart. The questions that have plagued Holly her whole life take her from Seattle to New Orleans in a quest for answers.

The Charvez witches lost one of their own over two decades ago, never knowing why or where she went. Finding Holly after all this time brings them great joy, even as they all work to figure out why her mother left and who exactly is trying to harm her now.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

       A Touch Of Fae

It's finally in print! Yayayayayyyyy! Right now it's at the print warehouse, and within a few weeks it'll show up on the EC print book site and then at Amazon and then at Waldenbooks and Borders and those indie bookstores that carry EC books.

This is sort of funny timing because I've heard from readers and also from two bookstores that they could not get copies of Triad because it showed as out of print. I contacted Kelly at Jasmine Jade (and folks, Kelly kicks butt on several levels but she consistently returns correspondence in a timely manner and that's rare these days). Anyway, Kelly wrote me back to tell me that my first print run sold out and that they'd ordered another one. How freaking cool is it that Triad sold out its first print run? Wooot!

So anyway, I hope to see A Touch of Fae on shelves mid summer, sitting next to Triad.

I've ordered some copies for myself so I'll be doing some fun contests very soon and also mailing those copies out to people who've won in the past and have been waiting ever so patiently.

It's lovely news!

Got my edits back on Tri Mates and Giving Chase has gone to the FLE. Things are moving, yay!

       The Winner!

The winner of the Sudden Desire blog contest is: Crystal! My son picked your name out of a hat this morning so you're the winner! Please send me your format preference and I'll send it your way today!

Monday, June 05, 2006

       Cover Snark and a Contest

So my cover, or rather the cover for the Fun In The Sun series of which my quickie, Sudden Desire, is a part - is being snarked. This is making me giggle, oh and peek at Bam and Smart Bitches to see if it's there.

You know you want to read Sudden Desire anyway. And say, "despite the cover, which made me want to say, I can't believe that tiny dot in the sky isn't butter, Lauren Dane's, Sudden Desire is a fun, sexy read and I loved it!" C'mon, you know you want to (or, is it that I want you to?) Anyway, it's available on Friday and in the post down below from Sunday I give the specifics on where and when to go.

And if you're still reading, I'm doing a contest. Tomorrow when I mange to drag my ass to the computer (7:30 am pacific or so), I'll do a random drawing of the folks who comment on this entry, the winner will receive a download of Sudden Desire.

Enter, you know you wanna...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

       Crockpots and Movies

What did people do before crockpots I'd like to know. I love my crockpot. Okay so I'm not really that swell of a housewife. In fact I totally suck but I think my husband keeps me around because of the kids and he likes my boobs. Still, using the crockpot makes me feel so accomplished. It's the way the house smells, all savory and yummy. Like a woman who is good at this stuff lives in my house. And it's easy, I love easy. Two of my favorite things to make are beef stew, and I can make some quick bisquik biscuits to go with (bisquik is another useful thing that makes me happy) and green chile chicken which has like four ingredients and I can use frozen chicken in the recipe so I don't even need to worry about thawing anything.

I watched Aeon Flux today on DVD. I really enjoyed it. I know people panned it but I quite liked it. It wasn't as amazing as the animated show on MTV (which is where I first got my love of the character) but I thought it was well done.

Also caught Wallace and Grommit and the Curse of the Wererabbit with the kiddos. Very cute and wholesome and loads of inside adult jokes that made me laugh. My sons thought it was the ultimate in hilarity. Win Win.

Other than finishing edits and getting back to Threat of Darkness, it's been a lazy day today. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

       Friday LM Day Details!

Details on Friday's LM Day: It's a mini celebration from 8 am to noon pacific time. There'll be excerpts from various Fun In the Sun authors and prizes too! Just show up to the Ellora's Cave Readerchat Board (not a chat room but a message board). It's fun and free!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

       Saturday Greetings

It was supposed to rain today but it didn't. So we went to the lawn and garden store and picked up stuff for the yard and then I planted flowers with the kids and my husband dealt with hornet nests after we'd come inside for popsicles.

I got some pretty groundcover and a new lavender bush to replace the one that got strangled out by my peony and forsythia but I haven't planted them out front yet because the soil is rocky and it sucks and I need to have more energy. Tomorrow I think.

(what? You thought it was all menages and werewolves around here?)

Worked on edits for Vengeance Due which I hope to have finished tonight so I can get them back to my editor who is supposed to get me edits on Tri Mates.

Got a lovely Five angel review for Enforcer from FAR (the second one for Enforcer, so thank you FAR and Jessica!). Jessica says in part: Enforcer offers readers an action-packed plot, tantalizing passion, emotional struggles, and an unknown dangerous element in the middle of it all. Lex is an enforcer, a pure alpha male when it comes to his desire to have what he wants, with a tenderhearted side that few have the opportunity to see; a wonderful character that I immediately loved. Nina is a strong-willed woman used to cleaning up after her brother who also wants a life to be proud of. She is believable and had me smiling more than once at the antics she leashed out to those around her. Both characters are riddled with pride and are a perfect match for each other. The secondary character of Cade, the alpha leader, gives readers another opportunity to love Lex and Nina and even tries to claim a piece of their heart. Cade succeeded in the quest where this reader is concerned. I can only hope that Lauren Dane revisits the Cascadia Wolves with a tale for Cade. Enforcer is a wonderful werewolf story that readers can not go wrong with: it is definitely worth taking the time to read. 5 Angels!

I just realized Sudden Desire is releasing this Friday! Wow, so soon! I'm having a party at EC that day from 8 to noon pacific time so don't miss it!

I'm off, it's Saturday night family movie time. We're watching Wallace and Grommit and having pizza!

Friday, June 02, 2006

       Support A Great Community!

I started out calling the post "Divas? Where My Girls At?" but when I saw it posted I felt like a tool.

There are great sites for romance readers and author loops that are specific to publishing houses but there aren't a whole lot of sites that encompass the amazing breadth that Romance Divas does.

Need a crit partner? Want to talk about the jerk who cut you off on your commute? Want to brag about a great review? Talk about your WIP? Put up a scene and have people read it and help you make it better? Find out what new books, movies, TV shows and CDs you should give a try? Romance Divas has all this and more and it's truly an invaluable community for romance authors of all levels.

That it's a community supported (financially and work wise) by volunteers shows what a labor of love it is. But hey, love don't pay the rent. And so if you'd like to support the Divas through advertising, purchasing merchandise or a donation - please do so because they are worth it!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


So my not yet two year old is counting and I'm all, "wow! You're so smart!" and she comes into the room five minutes later with her shirt off and a basket on her head, chewing on a crayon. Genius.

I'm polishing my proposal for Goddess With A Blade with the help of some most excellent critters and beta readers. This story has been with me since March when I went to Las Vegas. It's something different for me - not so much erotic romance as speculative fiction with hot sex and a romantic sub plot. And Vampires who juggle fire sticks. And various other stuff you only see in Vegas, LOL.

I still hate writing synopses, but I'm getting better.

And then back to my Vengeance Due edits. I've missed the Charvez witches. And Con. Who is in the story a lot.

That's about it. I've got propsals and synopses and edits dancing in my head. It's like a track changes nightmare in there right now. I think I deserve Thai food. And cupcakes. Maybe I'll eat Thai food and cupcakes while drinking beer and watching the Matrix! I'm easy.