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Friday, May 12, 2006

       New Review for Sleight of Hand!

Lil at Love Romances gives Sleight of Hand four hearts and says in part: This was a tightly written tale and was especially impressive in leaving no loose threads for such a short offering. Readers will be thrilled with this spunky heroine and her particular brand of sarcasm. Opportunities in arguments to turn the tables on the hero are not wasted. It was particularly refreshing to see a heroine that did not allow for fundamental issues of the relationship to be glossed over with sex. On the contrary, the hero was taken to account regarding differences in viewpoint. Xander for his part is fun to watch as he moves from arrogance to something closer to accommodation. Difficulties in facing the dichotomy of his memories of the gentle mother of his childhood and the vindictive woman scorned are handled credibly. Not being a fool, he understands exactly how well matched his love and he areā€¦it just takes him a bit of time to convince Lissette of this. The sex scenes sizzle. This is a very satisfying read and definitely recommended.

Thank you so much, Lil!


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