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Saturday, December 31, 2005

       A New Year Is Upon Us

Wow. 2005 has been an incredible year of high highs and low lows. I've learned a lot about myself and the people in my life and I've learned who really loves me. Instead of doing a post about resolutions, I think I'd like to look back a bit and be thankful before I begin to look forward to life in 2006.

Two years ago New Year's Eve I was pregnant and on bedrest, worried that I was going to lose the pregnancy. I'd decided to give writing a chance. A serious chance and as I would spend the next seven and a half months on bed rest, I certainly had the time.

I look back at those manuscripts and I see how far I've come as a writer. My editor at EC, Ann Leveille is really responsible in large part for that. I just want to say publicly that she kicks ass, or rather, kicks my ass and makes me work. Makes me put in the effort to be a better writer. I appreciate that more than I can even begin to explain. So thank you, Ann. Thank you for believing in me and letting me have my own voice. And thank you Raelene, for reading Triad and sending it back to me, telling me that you thought it was great but my dialog tags were a mess and to fix them, LOL. And I did and you bought my baby and it's now on bookshelves in Borders, how wonderful is that?

But really, all of this started because of my husband (and not just because his super sperm knocked me up through a diaphram, landing me on bedrest). He's believed in me every day of the last two decades and he's gotten me through so many times when I wasn't sure if I could make it. He's been such a great support and help to me with all of this and I am a very lucky woman. Every morning when I open my eyes and see him there, I count my blessings. I may not always deserve it, but he's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

And to my friends who've read and critiqued me, who've high fived with me when I had good news and helped me be mean and bitchy when I had bad news - your encouragement and love get me through the hard times and keep me bouncy. I've heard a hundred times that romance is a cut throat genre and that authors are mean to each other and while I've seen a lot of tightassery with regard to erotic romance from other genres, I have to say that I've been touched a thousand times more by my fellow romance authors who've reached out to do something nice for me. And for my RW who are always there even when I'm busy and I don't check in as often as I should, I love you all.

My kidlets, who are insanely wild and out of control and a source of blushing at the playground when all of the other kids seem to be so damned well behaved - you are the source of my magic. Because you are filled with love and light and you're my very best creation. But sweetie, let go of your penis! (god, that boy and his penis!)

And to my readers - what can I say about you that would do justice to what you all mean to me? I still have each and every note I've ever been sent about my books and it is my sincere hope that I never become so jaded that each time you send me something like that I am not incredibly touched. How generous you are with me! Thank you for your support and your words of encouragement and praise. I hope that I can continue to write stories that appeal and help to take you away for a little while into another world (where the sex is hot and the men are hotter)

Thank you, all of you. I wish you love, peace, blessings, joy, orgasms and chocolate in great abundance in 2006. And may life bring you a soft pink unicorn.

xxxooo Lauren

Friday, December 30, 2005

       Amazon's Top Ten Romances of 2005

Amazon has just released its list of the top ten romances of 2005:

  1. Breath of Snow and Ashes, Gabaldon
  2. It's In His Kiss, Quinn
  3. The Trouble With Valentine's Day, Gibson
  4. Undead and Unappreciated, Davidson
  5. The Smoke Thief, Abe
  6. Wait Until Midnight, Quick
  7. 50 Harbor Street, Macomber
  8. Dark Secret, Feehan
  9. Mr. Impossible, Chase
  10. Flirting With Danger, Enoch

I would like to point out to a certain author who was just moaning about the horror of a tide of erotic romances, that not one of the list above is an erotic romance. In fact, there are several trads in the list and two vamps.

What do you all think of the list? Agree? Disagree? Have your own additions?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

       Junk and Stuff

I finished Red Lily last night. It was a nice end to the trilogy even if there were several plot points which left me incredulous and annoyed, which is very rare for me with Nora. I like Haley and Harper and I do like that Lily was a real character in the book unlike so many authors who throw a child into a book and no one ever seems to actually parent her or be sleepless or resentful or less than patient. I like that Harper loved that child too. I won't go into much more detail because I don't want to spoil the plot. Anyway, it was a good read but the Ardmore and Born in trilogies and her JD Robb books remain my favorites.

Anya Bast and I are hosting the EC Reader Chat on January 5. You should be there.

There's an interesting discussion over at Jaynie's blog that got started when an anonymous comment was made disparaging not just Ellora's Cave but those authors who did well as "ass kissers." Essentially the anonymous person said that she knew for a "fact" that EC "loved" to screw their authors over. Now here's my thing and I said it there too, not every publisher is right for every author. No publisher, EC included, is perfect. But I certainly don't kiss ass, not anyone's ass, and I've never been treated anything but well by EC. They've been very good to me from the day that I sent my submission in and have been unwaveringly so since then.

I'm not an EC top seller (maybe someday), I'd like to think I was "midlist" but who knows? All I do know is that I am treated professionally but also like a member of the family and that I make a nice bit of royalties, I can write what I want and no one bugs me about those gawddamned rules (you know, multiple POV, etc).

I'm quite sure that those who are top sellers get through the process quicker. And? Hello? EC is a business and it makes sense that top sellers in any business go through more quickly. But that's not making me feel less special in that each and every one of us is a special snowflake sort of way.

I do know what it feels like to feel at war with your "boss" or to not feel valued and supported and it sucks. And if anonymous had that experience at EC, I feel for her. But I don't like anonymous attacks that generalize one person's experience as the universal norm, because that isn't so.

And lastly, seriously people, why would EC "love" to screw authors over? It makes no business sense to screw over your bread and butter and EC has good business sense or it woudln't be at the top of her game. See, this is what happens with generalizations when they're made anonymously, you overstate and get all wild because you can't be held responsible.

Edited to add a bitch about romance authors who write nasty bitter "entries" at certain blogs about how "awful" it is that there are too many vampire and erotica books. Oh for fuck's sake! Get over yourself! If you look at the romance section of your local bookstore as a whole you'll see plenty of "traditional" romances, far more than steam. Here's a clue - if your sensibilities are so damaged by the paranormal and steamy romance, don't buy them. Don't read them. But to hope the "trend" goes away, thereby removing the livelihoods of authors like me who write paranormals and erotica, that's just small and petty and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of these authors who say stuff like that in a whiny voice with a fake smile on their faces.

Smart Bitches is doing a survey - best and worst books, best and worst covers, keepers, etc. Check it out.

You should read Making Light if you don't already do so.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

       All Hail The Bad Man

I'd say bad boy but I'm talking about an archetype here and I'm going to demonstrate the point with Clive Owen, who is in no sense of the word, a boy.

But let's start with Clive the gentleman shall we? Oh look at him, suave and smelling good. You know that suit fits him within an inch of his life. He knows which fork to use and he drives a very nice car. This man would never, ever wear ratty underwear.

But make no mistake, he's not tamed. No, the bad man will show this face when he needs to, to make partner or to charm a client. But he's still bad underneath.

Now here, the bad man shows through a bit more. It's in his eyes and the set of those naughty, carnal lips. This man would quite happily bend you over the hood of that sports car and fuck you silly.

And you'd love it, too.

The bad man archetype is popular in romance and more especially, erotic romance for a reason - we all want one. No, we don't want a womanizer (ick). We don't want a jerk or an asshole. We want the man who'll clean up nice for our parents, who remembers our birthday and anniversary, but who isn't afraid to hold our wrists above our heads and give us a sharp nip on the side of the neck either.

The warrior, the barely leashed feral nature, the sense that anything could happen at any time - that's the appeal of the bad man. Yum

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

       Some New Books Read

In the last few weeks I've finished:
  • Kelley Armstrong's, Haunted.
  • My yearly re-read of Jenny Crusie's, Welcome to Temptation
  • Susan Andersen's, Skintight
  • Nora's, Black Rose (I have Red Lily in my TBR stack)

I've got in my TBR pile:

  • Kate Douglas', Wolf Tales
  • Nora's, Red Lily and Blue Smoke
  • Jon Stewart's, America (which I've skimmed here and there. I love Jon Stewart, sigh)
  • The continuation of the Dune prequels - Dune, the Battle of Corrin
  • Richard Morgan's, Wokken Furies

So much great stuff to read, so little time!

Quick rundown - Skintight - I liked it. It was quick and much more readable than Hot and Bothered (the other two in that mini trilogy rank up there in my favorite romances of all time). I thought that the story was interesting and told from a unique perspective. The trouble of perception between Jax and Treena resolved itself from his perspective fairly quickly (and I HATE romances that have the "hero" think the heroine is some soulless slut but he just can't stop fucking her, ack! Andersen does not do this, thank god). I think some of the chemistry between them was wasted and Jax didn't make it up there to where Beau is (but who does?) but I really enjoyed Skintight and it was certainly a fun break from a busy day.

Haunted - I'm waiting to hate a Kelley Armstrong book. It hasn't happened yet. She takes characters that I wasn't crazy about like Paige and wows me with them (Industrial Magic) and now she's done the same with Eve. I won't bore you with a plot synopsis, you can look at amazon for that, but I will say that Armstrong continues to grow as an author and each successive book is stronger than the last.

Welcome to Temptation - I've never had a negative thing to say about a Crusie book. But WTT is my favorite romance novel of all time. It's witty and smart and the sex is HOT and clever. No one in the book is typical in any way.

Black Rose - You can't really go wrong with Nora, but I did feel like the chemistry between Roz and Mitch was wasted and while I loved that the HH were not 23, I wondered why the sizzling set ups were not fully realized. I also wonder why Roz' story was the middle one instead of the last. But I haven't read Red Lily yet so I can't say for sure. I thought the middle dragged on for quite a bit but the opening and the end were really well done.

       Acres Of Books

The newest winner is:

WITCHY!! Congrats, Witchy, you've won some books I'm going to choose at random from my pile. Just send me your mailing address to laurendane @ laurendane . com


Monday, December 26, 2005

       Monday And An Update

Cascadia Wolves: Rebel
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
30,000 / 65,000

As you can see, I'm cookin! I'm really finding myself going in a direction I hadn't really planned on but I like it. It's making for more angst than I normally write in my books but Tracy is the kind of heroine who will tear a throat out if someone threatens what's hers.

Thing is, when I write a menage, I try to make it realistic. It would be complicated, people don't share their mates without a lot of compromise and some stress and things to work out. I know people in poly relationships and none of them are "easy" - it takes work and I think it's important that each book shows that. So I'm doing that.

For me, one of my chief issues with romance is that some romance novels are totally unrealistic. And yes, I realize that I write about werewolves, but by unrealistic I mean that the happily ever after is often something that doesn't take ongoing work. And being in a working relationship does take work.

This doesn't mean that I have to write about beard hair in the sink or diry socks, but as a writer, I want to try and shine a bit of real world into my books. Being in love is easy, staying there is hard.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

       Cover Goodness!

I got my cover for Enforcer and I'm in love. This is of course, the print cover and LOVE the wolf on the back. The ebook cover is here:

I really love the colors. Syneca did a fabulous job! It was a nice Christmas present for me.

       The Things You Do For Love

So yesterday we left our house at 11:30 in the morning on our way to take the kids to get pictures with Santa. But of course everyone else in the universe had the same idea and we get to our local mall and they tell us it won't be until 4 at least until we can get in (because Santa takes lunch between 1 and 2 dontcha know).

So knowing there is NO way my 16 month old is going to stand in line for five hours (as if I would either) we head to another place, one near our old house. In we load into the mini van, mom, dad, three kids and grandparents. Each time we got in the car it was a seatbelt thing that lasted ten minutes (don't ask). The boys were annoying and it was raining really hard so traffic was just lovely.

We get there at 12:30 and there's a long line (although not nearly as long as the other line) and that Santa goes to lunch from 2 - 3 and they've cut off the line. Sigh. But we're there and the kids are reasonably nicely dressed and we grab lunch and my husband heads back to stand in line where we will meet him at 3.

I won't even go into how awful the next hour and a half was or how slow the time seemed to pass with a screaming 16 month old or how she leapt on a little boy at the bookstore and stole his santa hat and ran with it (that kid is going to need therapy I suspect).

We did get the picture in the end. She cried but my boys looked happy. I needed a drink but didn't have one, sigh. I loved those moments when my husband and I just shared a look and no words were necessary. My parents seemed fairly immune to my children's more annoying behavior. I found a Robert Sabuda pop up dinosaur book that I've been petting since I took it out of the wrapping last night. I will have to wax squee about Sabuda's books soon.

Next year I'm doing those pictures on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Or I'm donating my children to the Toys for Tots campaign.

But I did get some writing done, 5 thousand words worth, last night so that was a good thing.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Lookit the lovely Collette holding her copy of Triad! Am I lucky or what that she was willing to run out to get me this picture?

And here it is on the shelves. Two copies of Triad at the Borders on N. Michigan Avenue. Thank you to Collette who ran out last night to get me the picture so I could squee all over the place, LOL.

I'm working on setting up a signing at a local Borders so keep an eye out here for specifics!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

       My First Official Triad Sighting!

Thank you to Collette who posted to my loop that she'd seen Triad at the Borders on North Michigan Avenue! Not just one copy but three and now two because that sweet woman bought one.

I'm totally floored and if I didn't have so much stuff on my to do list and three kids in tow, I'd be on my way over to the nearest Borders right now. I haven't been in since late November but I will surely keel over with excitement if they're on the shelves tomorrow when I go!

If anyone sees them at their local Borders or Waldenbooks can you let me know? Also, I'm going to be doing a huge contest that I'm going to run for several months and everyone who sends me a picture of themselves with a copy of Triad will be entered so keep an eye out, snap me a photo with your digi cam or camera phone and be entered to win something really good (that will include chocolate).

       Tuesday Rambling

Yesterday I had a lovely party on my reader loop. It was fun to hang out and talk with my friends all day (yes, I know, not much different than most days, LOL). I busted out some new stuff from some WIP and was relieved when it was met with praise. Gave away some fun stuff, it was all good and thanks to the folks who hung out and kept me company all day.

My best girlfriend sent me a hilarious book. I have a thing about titles with "Virgin" in them. It's the glaring romance stereotype and it makes me laugh. I shouldn't make fun, I do know that a lot of the time, authors have little to no choice in the title game, but really "The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary" just has it all doesn't it? I will have to read it though, LOL, one of the folks on my loop said it was good and how can I pass up a book in a series entitled, "Desert Rogues?"

I finished Sleight of Hand and sent it out, I do hope it's met with positive feelings. I've gotten about 8k in the next Cascadia Wolves story done in the last two days, which is nice. Night before last I left Nick and Tracy in a bathtub with godiva chocolates and champagne. That Nick is a clever clever boy. Last night the love fest continued and I left them on a bed, him between her thighs, uh, making her very happy.

I looked at Battlefront and I'm quite anxious to get back to it. But I have all of this other stuff to do too. Man, I'm busy. But it's good busy and I feel very creative.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

       Sometimes if you dont' laugh you cry

Ah the holidays. Times spent in interminable dinners split between divorced and bitter parents, with in laws who hate you and with insane older relatives who are fond of spouting off with the most racist stuff you've ever heard.

In times like that, it's best to get your snark on (and drink copious amounts to ease the pain of the day). But comedian Paul Scheer had a request on his blog to ask people top send him in the "Most Ridiculous, Racist, or Obscure Thing That a Member of Your Family said Said at the Dinner Table on thanksgiving."

I must post some of them here because it's one of those schaudenfraude things where suddenly, I'm thankful for my own moderately bizarre family.

"And P.S. there was no such thing as slavery! The blacks came here for the free welfare!"
-Scary Old Relative as she's leaving our house.

Aunt Sharon: "You can hardly find any of those Billy the Big Mouth Bass anymore. You really have to search."

"I haven't taken a shit in 2 weeks"
-My Aunt, who is mentally challenged (seriously) and from what I can gather in some pain.

"Well, at least they have jobs."
- My Dad during a discussion on Child Labor and The Gap

"Happy Birthday!"
-My Drunk Sister (When Trying to Remember What Holiday it Was)

“If given the choice, would rather have their 20% Wal-Mart discount than health benefits”

"Only a Muslim would have a store open on Thanksgiving. Those people have no religion."

"If you lose one more chin, you'll be lovable."
-My Mother [After I Lost 35 pounds]

"I've never heard of a woman having a large enough vagina she could shove one of those cellular telephones in it, have you??"

"This turkey is too dry, I need more gravy ... or more vodka."

[Mom driving us home after Thanksgiving]
Mom: I can't see anything. Why is it so dark out? Can anyone else see the road?? I can't see a goddamn thing! Oh I'm wearing sunglasses.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

       New Stuff A Brewin!

Today is newsletter day so if you haven't already signed up for your very own issue of Vixenwriter, please do! It's easy and free and all you need to do is head on over to join at this link. The next installment in The Dogs of LA, my werewolf soap opera will be in it.

I just finished my last edits on my novella, Sleight of Hand and sent it off. If they like it, I'll be telling you more about it soon.

There's something new coming from me and 14 other erotic romance authors - Night Whispers is coming very soon so keep an eye out! In the mean time you can check out our blog to see what we're up to.

I'm having a party at my loop on Monday the 19th where I'll be unveiling excerpts from Enforcer, Dark Justice and Sleight of Hand as well as giving away great prizes. Don't miss it!

There's a new "Between The Sheets" out today from the Writer Babes! Go on and give it a look!

Oh and one last bit, Monday is the day when my installment in the round robin story we've been writing at the Maverick Author loop goes up. It is high time someone had sex. I'm just sayin.

Friday, December 16, 2005

       Oh Hey!

I forgot to tell you all this week but Titania Ladley (one of my personal favorites) had a release at EC, "Bat Scratch Fever" it's a menage (oh yeah!) and to celebrate, she's running a contest at her author loop.

She sent along this little announcement: Titania Ladley would like to announce the release of her newest Ellora's Cave title, BAT SCRATCH FEVER, a vampire menage a trois. Titania runs contests in her newsletter and gives away prizes monthly. This month, she'll be awarding 2 prizes to random subscribers: An autographed print copy of ENCHANTED ROGUES and a free download of choice. For more, please visit

Well, get on over there because how can you resist!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

       Acres Of Books Contest

Okay so I have a lot of books. Way too many to hold in my house and the result is stacks of books and nine foot high bookcases filled to the gills and boxes of books in my garage too. SO! I thought, why not share the wealth?

Over the next several weeks, I'm going to run a contest. All you need to do to enter is comment here at my blog or at my reader loop and I'll pick a winner at random when the mood strikes me. I'll do this until my pile is gone. I've got romance and horror and suspense - a bit of everything.

So talk to me! You might even win something.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


As a romance writer, I deal with cliches a lot. There are things I avoid altogether because I hate them - like whiny "heroines" who wait to be saved by jerks who treat their "women" like children. Blech!

Other cliches are cliches for a reason - they resonate deeply for a whole host of reasons. One of those I love is sex in the office.

Whether it's being bent over a desk and given the business end of your mate with your skirt bunched up around your hips and the pens and papers hitting the ground or - my personal favorite fantasy- being taken standing up, against a big bank of windows in a high rise.

So many hot buttons here - a bit of voyeurism, a bit of "can't deny the passion so take her in her shoes with her panties around an ankle, relative power issues (is he the boss, is she the boss, are you making a visit to your mate over lunch? is it a stranger in a business meeting? oh the possibilities there!)

Sex in the office is appealing because most of us have had jobs in one. We've spent long days there looking out the window or fantasizing what that new guy would be like in bed. We've looked at the photocopier or our boss' hands with lurid intent. Sex is something natural in our lives and as we spend so much of our time at work, it's only natural that the two combine.

Some suggested reading? My very favorite sex in the office scene comes (heh, no pun intended) in Emma Holly's, Personal Assets when Bea is beneath David's desk and, well, my, it makes me go in search of my husband every time I read it. Another Emma Holly goodie is in Menage when Sean and Kate are together for the first time alone in her bookstore.

What are some of your favorites?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

       A New Contract!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've just sold another book to Ellora's Cave! I just heard from my editor and she loved Dark Justice and that they want it. One small issue is that I have to change the title, which I figured I'd have to anyway because of Feehan's use of "Dark" in her books.

Anyway, this is the third in the Witches Knot series and centers on Simone Charvez and Kael Gardener. Here's the long blurb:

Simone Charvez knows something is coming. Something bad and wrong and with its eye directly on the Charvez witches.

Kael Gardener is a vampire hunter. He’s been on a revenge fueled journey to hunt and kill vampires since he was fifteen years old.

Aidan Bell has a secret. Not all vampires are civilized like he is. There are rogues called Oathbreakers and they live to torture and kill humans for sport.

All of these things are headed to New Orleans and when they arrive, no one will be the same…

Simone Charvez admits she’s high maintenance, but she’s also more than the pretty piece of fluff everyone seems to take her for. When Kael Gardener walks into her shop, tattoos, piercings and bad boy attitude she knows she’s in for trouble. For Kael, the news that not all vampires are like the monsters that slaughtered his entire family is nearly as hard to take as his all encompassing attraction to a witch with a family that includes one.

Simone fights to get Kael to let his guard down and love her and Kael fights to keep his emotional distance from a woman he’s sure he has nothing to offer to. All of this as they race to find and kill the Oathbreakers who threaten not just all of New Orleans but Simone’s very soul.

Monday, December 12, 2005

       What Makes A Good Story?

What makes a good story? Well, there are the obvious things, good use of language appropriate to the story, time period and theme. For some authors it’s lush and vivid intricate sentences. For others it’s sparse and terse. Richard Morgan’s, Altered Carbon, one of the best first novels I’ve ever read, is a great example of genre melding with perfect use of language. Altered Carbon is cyberpunk but it’s also noir. The language has the terse, edgy quality of good noir and that plays excellently into the futuristic theme too.

Aside from the ability to use language appropriately and well, I want to hear something new. Take something old, most things are derivative of other ideas, it’s unavoidable, and make it new. Rachel Caine’s, Ill Wind and Heat Stroke are two great examples. Take a paranormal world where people have special powers and are saving the rest of us who are sadly and pathetically normal, and twist it, have enslaved djinn being used to control the weather. Take the typical werewolf story and expand on it like Kelley Armstrong did with Bitten.

Research is always a plus, it’s more than annoying to read a book about law or lawyers and have it be horribly inaccurate (simply insert whatever your own hot buttons are here).

For me though, the big draw to a book is characterization. Do I like the characters? Are they three dimensional? Do they have flaws and if so, are those flaws something the reader can get past? Are they people I’d love to know in my real life?

Characters like Sookie Stackhouse from Charlaine Harris’, Southern Vampire series will hook me right away. Sookie isn’t perfect, she’s poor and messed up and has a cheating vampire ex boyfriend but she’s funny and genuine and brave. You want to know more about her. Eve Dallas from JD Robb’s, In Death series is wounded and defended and yet, there’s something about her that compels me to read each and every book (well that and Roarke).

Even better, I love it when an author can take the challenge of making an unlikeable character someone you still want to know and care about. MaryJanice Davidson does this with Betsey in her Undead books. What a horribly shallow woman! And yet, there’s something about her that’s likeable and I really don’t know what it is. In Spending, Mary Gordon gives us Monica, another woman that I didn’t like much at all and yet, one of the most compelling characters in my bookcase. Laurell K Hamilton does it with Anita Blake, Susan Elizabeth Phillips does it with Sugar Beth – all are women that are selfish and self centered but are drawn so well that you are sucked into their world willingly.

All of the best language and great research in the world won’t keep me reading a book if I don’t like any of the characters. They’re the bridge between the author and the reader into the story.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

       Movies and Movie Manners

Last night I went to see Syriana with my friend Trish. It's been a while since I've seen a movie this intelligent and taut. There's this sense as you're watching it that there's something building. You have the main plot but there are other plots and they all become tighter and tighter and pull together and against each other and it's distressing and fascinating and frightening all at once. Amazing acting by everyone (Clooney, Damon, Amanda Peet, Chris Cooper, William Hurt, Christopher Plummer, Jeffrey Wainright, Mazhar Munir - the list goes on and there are a lot heavyweights in small parts but nothing in this movie is small or meaningless). The script is taut and nothing, not a word or deed is wasted. Skillful directing. It's quite honestly one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time.

Of course, my movie going experience could have been much better had the people next to me displayed any manners at all.

Can we just all admit one fact upon which everything else rests? The theatre is NOT your living room. It isn't.

A movie theatre is a communal space so some basic civility is required to let the experience be positive for everyone there. So please don't sit there muttering or chatting to your wife. And if you are not smart enough to figure out basic plot points without having to say to your husband, "Do you think he's going to shoot?" "Is that a missle launcher?" and if you are unable to not make gaspy humming sounds and other little pithy statements, "Oh, talk about your innocent gestures!" - then please stay home or I shall punch you in the head.

Okay, I only wanted to punch her in the head. Repeatedly. But I fear that she had some sort of damage already and would not have noticed. I would have gotten up to move but the theatre was full.

Seriously, how complicated is it to be civil? How hard is it to shut the hell up in the movie theatre? First of all they came late and then futzed around before finally sitting down and then they talked the whole time. And why is it that movie talkers never have anything interesting or original to say?


Friday, December 09, 2005

       Okay So I'm A Wuss, I Admit It

Last night was the night for our Brokeback Mountain passes. I bundled up, expecting the usual process which is that you go and show your winner's postcard to the person in the box office and they cross your name off a list and give you a real ticket and then you go on your merry way and eat dinner before the movie.

But was this the way they did it last night? No.

I got there at 5 for a 7 o clock showing and there was already a line. I went to the box office and this is an approximation of the conversation:

Me - "Hi, I have this card..."

Dude behind glass who has had to stop his animated conversation with his co-workers and looks pained to have to be dealing with anyone other than them. He interrupts me "The line is right there."

Me "Yes, I can see that. Do you not..."

Dude "The line is right there."

I sigh. "I'm not a simpleton, I can see that. What I'm trying to ask is if you're going to do an exchange for this card," I hold it up, "for an actual ticket. Or if you're going to make us wait until 7."

"That's your ticket." To his credit, he does look chastened a tiny bit, I did have to break out "the mom" tone on him though.

But the line is already long and my friend gets there at 5:20 or so and the line gets longer and longer and they show no signs of letting us in and it's now about 35 degrees (and I know this is nothing to those of you who live in other places but I'm telling you, I was getting muscle strain from the shivering and I had gloves and a coat on)

My friend asked at 6 when they were going to let us in and they said not until at least 6:30 and we had a quick, shivered conversation and ended up opting out, making plans to see it this weekend and briskly walking to Racha to get Thai and jasmine tea instead.

Even after I got home and changed into warm pajamas it took me an hour to get warm. And I realized then that I'm old and wussy and I hate to wait in the cold for anything short of Pearl Jam tickets. Even the lure of Jake and Heath together couldn't entice me. Okay, if it had been my only chance to see it, I would have dealt, but knowing I could catch it tomorrow, I couldn't convince myself to stay out there in the freezing cold.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

       Got Vampires?

I'm on a vampire kick lately and luckily for me, some of my favorite authors are having their vamp books release. One such title is Claire Thompson's, Outcast, which is book two in her True Kin series. If you haven't read Claire before, you have to - I decree it. She's marvelous!

Check out this blurb:

The adventure continues as the vampire Julian Gaston returns to France with his new lover to continue the search for the elusive Adrienne. The beautiful vampire had been cast out of her circle three hundred years before, for the crime of “turning” Julian from human to vampire with the forbidden exchange of the sacred blood. Following leads and intuition, Julian discovers and confronts Adrienne, still as beautiful and enigmatic as three hundred years before.

Julian and Grace forge their own newly found love, delving into the dangerous delights of Dominance and submission, while learning to trust one another in the face of Julian’s rediscovery of his first “true love”. The mysteries of Grace’s origin as an abandoned orphan, revealed now as vampire in her own right, begin to unravel. Adrienne, granted a pardon by the Elders of her circle, is no longer forced to spend her life in secret, stealing moments of passion with the man who swept her off her feet a hundred years before. Daniel O’Shay, the dashing Irish vampire, has secrets of his own which threaten to destroy the passion he shares with Adrienne.

Margo and Robert, two humans who were dramatically affected by their interactions with Julian and Grace in Sacred Circle, arrive unbidden in France, Margo to seek her dream to be “turned” and Robert to continue his destructive meddling, determined to expose the vampires for what they are. See the story come full circle, as vampire and human alike struggle with the age-old dilemmas of life and death and most importantly, true love.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

       Check It

Now I do love me some Smart Bitches but today's entry is just inspired and it made me laugh out loud.

My favorite line? "Every time I read “dance as old as time,” it makes me so mad, I want to punch somebody in the crotch. HARD. So please don’t use it. Think of all the crotches you’re saving from my wrath."

Because she's right, there are certain words that drive me nuts when used in sex scenes and they yank me right out of the scene, usually to skeeve me out or make me roll my eyes.

Manroot, excessive description of bodily fluids, penises which are purple (eek, call 911) and I'm sure I may have used this one before myself but women who keen when they come. Now, keening, think about it, it's a sound of deep, gut wrenching grief. You let one of those out during sex and you just might scare your partner.

Anyway, so read Smart Bitches, hell, read them every day, they're hilarious and smart.

Monday, December 05, 2005

       Open Up "Pandora's Box"

Amelia Elias kicks off her first book, Pandora's Box with Loose Id tomorrow so get on over and check it out! You'll be running over there after you catch this blurb:

Tera Kenner's life revolves around Pandora's Box, her erotic novelty shop. It's a place where fantasies come alive, where lackluster lovers are inspired, and sexual fulfillment is for sale on every shelf… for everyone but her. Running a shop for lovers is torture when she doesn't have a man of her own around to help her let off a little steam.

When her pent-up sexual frustration attracts an incubus, Tera can't resist tasting the pleasures he offers. Rowan is lust incarnate, a consummate lover whose merest touch fires every sexual part of her body. He knows how to touch her, how to kiss her, how to melt her resistance and make her ache for more. Every moment together raises her need to new heights, but every sexual encounter drains a little more of Tera's life force.

And to make matters worse, Rowan isn't the only incubus who is drawn to her need. Troian is older, stronger, and ruthless, and he wants her for his own. Only Rowan's claim prevents Troian from taking her for his own.

Tera's been unlucky in love before, but never like this. To leave Rowan is to risk her life at Troian's hands, but to stay is to risk her heart and her very soul.

       All Kinds Of Stuff!

First, tonight I'll be chatting at Writerspace at 5 pm pacific/8 eastern. Come on over and hang out for a fast paced hour with some of the most fun and talented romantica authors out there. It's always an enjoyable time.

Second, I got a lovely double 5 Cupid review for A Touch of Fae from Cupid's Library! Blanche says in part: "I loved the storyline, the people and foremost - the sexy faery warrior Con!!!!!

To read that he had waited so long to find his true mate, his gentle behaviour concerning Em - I cant really describe, what I felt for him...arrgh... But I think every woman wishes for a man like him...and I am no exception.

The tender behaviour of sexy Con, his protective instincts - together with the magic flair of the Faerie-World, all of this together are ingredients for one of the best stories I have read for a couple of months!

Definitely, a keeper and a book I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

Burning hot love scenes rounded off this excellent story.

I would really love to read more about those faeries... and I hope, that Lauren Dane finds enough time to entertain us with another fantastic tale of her faeries...and maybe a friend of Con's...

It is not necessary to read the previous book - only for your own pleasure, but this book could stand alone!"
Thank you, Blanche!

The winners of the Threes Contest have been chosen. Head on over to my website to check it out. More details of a new contest to come!

I'm going to send some book ideas your way soon so check back.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Don't forget that my Threes contest ends on December 5th at midnight pacific time. Details are at the Goodies page of my website!

After that I'll be doing a blitz contest rolling through the new year with fun prizes won weekly so keep an eye out, details to come.

       Just For A Saturday Giggle

Top Ten Thoughts On The Minds Of People In Line For Star Wars (the writers on Letterman still got it)

10. "Nice of Cher to loan me her Academy Awards outfit."

9. "First in line.... This'll look good on my resume."

8. "The babes should be coming over to talk to me any minute now."

7. "I shouldn't have to wait in this line -- I'm Carrie Fisher."

6. "I sense a disturbance in my hairline."

5. "Is that some sort of image-gathering droid?"

4. "Princess Leia... Princess Leia... Princess Leia... Princess Leia...."

3. "What I want is a prequel to 'Turner and Hooch'."

2. "This line better move soon, or Paul will have to host the show for me."

1. "What a couple of geeks."

Friday, December 02, 2005

       Snow! Back Against The Wall Sex! Triad! Gay Cowboys!

It doesn't snow very often in my part of the US but today and yesterday we've had lots of lovely white stuff on the ground and in the trees. The kids had a great time in it this morning and then I brought them inside and had a change of clothes for them after the great snowball fight of 2005. When I was a kid we had to drive to the snow, it's a lovely thing to know my children will grow up with the memory of snowball fights and snow days.

Making progress in The Rebel. Someone is so going to get some up against a wall very soon. And then things really get complicated. Heh.

I've signed many copies of Triad now. It hasn't gotten old yet. I still dig opening it up to the title page and holding the pen there.

I'm going to hang out with a friend on Sunday and I hope I can talk her into seeing Aeon Flux. BTW, she and I are going to see Brokeback Mountain on the 7th so I'll let you all know what I think late next week.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

       Chatty Cathy Presents: Wet Hot Eye Candy

Seriously, look at him. Wow. I think I'd need a very cold, bracing pool if that were swimming toward me. Or maybe I'd lose consicousness.

Part one of our round robin story is up at the Maverick Author Loop so check it out.