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Monday, August 15, 2005


I finially finished the edits for Second Chances and sent them in to my editor. Of course, I realized some hours later that about 1/3 of them were missing and spent several more hours on Sunday looking through the MS to see what hadn't taken and re-editing it all. But it's gone and I'm relieved.

I open my email this morning and the last bit of stuff is there for TOF and then it's on the way to the FLE. Yeah! I am hoping to get a release date soon.

I'm off to finish the last bit of TOF to turn it around to my editor today and then I'll post an excerpt of something or other. It's been a while.

Oh and a reminder, Vixenwriter, my newsletter, is coming out on the 17th to subscribers. There are five chances to win some fun prizes and it's for subscribers only so if you haven't subscribed yet, the link is just to the right in the sidebar!


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