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Saturday, June 25, 2005

       FAR Gives Triad 5 Angels and A Recommended Read

Wow! What a lovely email for me to open up! Thank you so much to Contessa and FAR for such a great review, it's truly lovely and I'm so grateful and honored!

The review is up at FAR and an excerpt is:

Welcome to Lauren Dane’s Triad, a fantastic world of witches, wizards, vampires and demons, full of love, passion, magic and suspense. This thriller will hook you from beginning to the end. Triad is a scorching hot, pager-turner with a marvelous, suspenseful plot that kept me tied up in knots until the very end. The love scenes between Lee, Aidan and Alex oozed great passion. The passionate encounters were very arousing in nature and left me breathless with desire. I anxiously await Ms. Dane’s next installment in this wonderful series and hope it will be Lee’s sister, Emily’s story. I am proud to grant Triad with 5 scorching Angels and a Recommended Read.

Friday, June 24, 2005

       New Ventures

Anya Bast, Megan Hart, Patrice Michelle and I have started a joint author's group and for now, we've got a blog, Maverick Authors and in the upcoming days we'll be getting a website up and some interesting things should follow. I'll keep you posted. I'm very excited, I have immense respect for all three of these authors and I'm honored to be in their company.

I've also started to work together with Jan Springer, Nicole Austin, Dawn Madigan, JC Wilder, Nikki Soarde, Shelly Munro and Lisa Renee Jones as! We'll be doing a joint newsletter with some really fun columns, a website that Dawn is graciously designing and some other promo type stuff. We come from some really diverse genres and I think that we'll be able to show our readers some new stuff to fall in love with. I also have great respect for these folks as authors and people and I'm very excited.

These are two great opportunities for me to work with other authors and to reach out to new readers! More info to come.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Today I received the galley for Triad! Hee! For those who don't know, a galley is the final proof of the book that gets sent to the printer for the paper book. Yes, this is one step closer to walking into Borders or Barnes and Noble or Waldenbooks and seeing Triad there!!!

This means that I'll have one and hopefully two books to sign at RT in the spring. Ahh happy happy joy joy!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

       Some New Stuff...

There's a new interview up at PNR for those who want to check it out. It was fun to do!

I'll also be chatting with other vampy (as in writing vampires but you know you can apply the other as well, LOL) authors at Writerspace on June 20 at 5 pm, Pacific. I'll also be chatting with other Ellora's Cave authors at the monthly EC chat at Writerspace on June 27 at 5 pm, Pacific. Please pop in to say hello!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

       Touch of Fae

I got my cover for A Touch of Fae yesterday!

Without any further ado...

Image hosted by

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

       Some New Reviews And A Conference

Two more reviews have come in - Romance Junkies gives Triad 4 ribbons and says "Ms. Dane has created a complex story of good and evil with strong people in a rather unconventional love story. The secondary characters play an integral role in Lee, Aiden and Alex’s personal relationship as well as the overall battle against evil. TRIAD is just the beginning and I can’t wait to read more books about the Charvez woman and the magic they weave. A wonderful first effort by Ms. Dane!"

Coffeetime Romance gives Triad 4 cups and says..."Lee, Aidan, and Alex are wonderful characters with well developed personalities. The emotional bond that develops between them is heartwarming. The sex scenes are so hot and steamy that I would not have been surprised to see smoke rise from the pages. (...) Ms. Dane has penned a terrific story that I greatly enjoyed reading. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about multi-partner relationships. Triad is a keeper!"

And this upcoming Thursday through Sunday I'll be at a conference. I'll be doing a reading from Triad at 6 pm on Friday evening and I'll be part of a panel discussion about EC on Friday morning at 9. There's a booksiging and a bunch of other fun stuff happening.

Monday, June 06, 2005

       I'm Going To Be Political Here

I am continually dumbfounded at the hostility that the RWA shows to erotic romance authors. On the one hand, they'll give official recognition to Ellora's Cave, but on the other we have their new "graphical standards" for covers and "bad" words that are now unacceptable.

"With respect to all RWA programs and services, the following shall not be depicted or represented: exposed male and female genitalia, exposed female nipples, cunnilingus and fellatio, hands or mouth covering naked female breasts, naked or g-string-clad buttocks, and beastiality. The following words: cock, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, shit, and tit, will not be displayed." (Lauren here - I'd like to point out that they've violated their own policy by using these words themselves)

By way of "clarification" the President of the RWA said this means " . .if we wish to retain our charter with RWA, we will no longer be able to show jacket covers that don’t meet the standard and we can’t even link to the websites of those authors who might show their own covers, have excerpts that include certain language, or lead to the publisher’s website.”

Sigh. (okay, a bit of snark, it's "bestiality" and please show me that cover because I've never seen one, you might as well throw out "dining on human flesh" or "people taking a crap on the thanksgiving turkey" to the list).

At BEA last weekend, an author whose work I love and respect, Ann Jacobs, was refused a place at the RWA booth to sign her book, A Mutual Favor due to these new standards. The cover can be seen here. Now I'd like to also say here that Triad is more graphic than this cover which means that I wouldn't be able to sign Triad at any RWA booths or the National Convention. Ann was able to sign the book at the EC booth without any problem and she details the exact story here at PBW's blog.

Folks, this is censorship. Not official censorship under the constitution. RWA is not the government. No, it's worse. Because this is an organization for writers. Writers who say things that make people think, that make people uncomfortable, make people laugh and cry and yes, turn them on. That an organization for authors, who should be advocating for them is instead trying to gag them is responsible for this silly, shortsighted and outright hostile piece of "standards" is offensive to the extreme.

Yes, my heroine has sex with the hero and yes, I write about it in detail. However, if readers like closed door scenes, they have the right and the ability to choose something else. But the fact of the matter is that tens of thousands of readers choose erotic romance. This is freedom of choice and this is what writers do - they create a universe that appeals to readers. If readers don't like it, they choose the worlds they do like.

Moreover, how is this "standard" going to be enforced? Because big publishers have risque covers too. Is Harlequin going to be censored by RWA now?

As if it weren't bad enough that erotic romance authors have to beg for recognition, they are now being pushed out with stuff like this. I have to shrug my shoulders and say that as an author, I don't feel very welcome and I'll take my dues elsewhere. As an author and someone who loves the first amendment, I am ashamed by the RWA.

Friday, June 03, 2005

       Another Great Review and Some General Stuff

Euro-Reviews gave Triad five flags out of five! This is so cool! Thanks Raashema for such a great review! A bit of it is here:

"Lauren Dane has created a wonderful story filled with witches, vampires, wizards, demons, angels and demigods. If you liked The Mayfair Witches by Ann Rice, you will definitely love Triad. Ms Dane has kept all of the magical suspense and has thrown in some of the hottest ménage scenes you could ever envision. She has woven a story of love, family and suspense into an erotic story of courage and unconventional love. While a city’s survival hangs in the balance, three lonely souls will have to bound together or be destroyed separately. Be advised, you will find yourself pursuing this author for a return trip to the witches of New Orleans. Let’s hope that she complies quickly because Triad was just too good to leave so quickly."


I sent in Witches Knot to my editor on Monday and I've sketched out the next three books in that universe. I've also sent my idea for a meta series in that universe with subseries within it so I'm hoping she likes the title and the ideas I sent her yesterday.

I'm working on a book I had previously titled A Dangerous Game, but Charlene Teglia already has a book with this title (and it's really good too!) so I have to come up with a new title. In any case it's a werewolf story that I submitted for an anthology but it wasn't chosen and my editor asked if I'd like to submit it as a full length novel and as I love the characters so much, I'm happy to do it!