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Sunday, May 29, 2005

       Crisis of Faith

I was updating my author loop yesterday morning and talking about how my progress was going with Witches Knot. As it happens I'd been thinking I'd be done with it Friday night but I was about five thousand words shy – I was on the final series of events and while I could have stayed up to finish, I was exhausted and it wouldn't have been my best work. I finished it yesterday afternoon and began editing it last night.

Anyway, Friday night, I wrote this big emotional scene where you find out the key motivations to a character's behavior that had plagued her daughter her whole life. It actually made me cry and it reached that point where I do every book when I ask myself the big important questions: do I care about these people I’ve given life to? Are they worth caring about? Are they three dimensional? Am I saying something with any of them?

The answer, to my great relief is yes. And she finds herself worthy to write another day!

And I say the last only partly in jest. The fact is that while I know that I’m a good writer, I have a crisis of faith in my abilities in every single book at least twice. And now I’ve come to discover that when the book comes out, I have another big one as I wait to hear what people think.

Me, strong girl – sits alone and begins to weave worst case scenarios. They’ll hate it. They’ll think it’s – insert adjective here – poorly written, poorly paced, too much sex, too little sex, fluffy, they won’t like that my heroine is a feminist, they won’t like the storyline – whatever it goes on and on.

I was discussing this with several author friends of mine over the last several days and surprised to find out that they all went through it on some level too. It’s ridiculous! Seriously. How can a bunch of people, all published, all good at what they do, be so insecure, even for short periods of time? I began to wonder if it’s something that all authors go through or if it’s just women – of course I have to make a case study out of it because if I don’t pick at it relentlessly, I can’t figure it out and if I don’t, it’ll bug me into eternity.

For me, it’s that what I write, be it fluff or something serious, is like putting myself on display. I’m laying my guts out there. Political stuff is easy, I can argue my perspective and debate yours – if people don’t like my essays, shrug, it’s not a big thing because I can easily see it’s not about me or my writing. It’s about opinion. But my short erotica and my books are mine, these people are part of me, I’ve made the story up out of whole cloth, the onus of it all is on my head for good or ill. I can take critique- “this scene is superfluous” “you need to expand on this idea” whatever, but the other stuff is what I get worried about. People like what they like and that’s fine, but I hate the idea of people not liking my stuff.

Eeek! What a big bundle of issues I am.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Whew! Finished Witches Knot at last! I am incredibly happy to be done and with how the book turned out. Loads of surprises, many of which I didn't know about until they happened while I was writing.

So I am off to edit and hopefully will get this to my editor by Monday. I need to get back to my edits of Enclave and work on that pitch. I'm also reading an ARC of Saskia Walker's, Along For the Ride and loving it! I need about three extra hours in the day, sigh.

Friday, May 27, 2005

       FAR Interview

Hey folks, hope your Friday is going well. Just wanted to point you over to FAR where I've got an interview up - Linky Goodness here

It was fun doing it!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

       This And That

Filled out all of the requisite paperwork for Loose Id and got the contract and other stuff in the mail and emailed everything else. They're already making me feel really welcome.

Broke 60,000 words in Witches Knot last night (yay) and I am keeping up hope that it will be finished by the time I close my laptop tomorrow night.

I have really great readers and you all send me the coolest notes - thank you!

Sketched out the next several books in this series (which is now nameless again but I sent two new ideas to my editor - keep hope alive).

In all, I'm editing two books, have two coming out in the fall and am editing a third that I'm pitching in two weeks and have another that I'm putting together a pitch for - this is good. Now if I only had more hours in the day to do it all, life would be perfect (oh and if there was chocolate in the house, that would be good too)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

       Second Chances Has A Home!!!

Good news! I woke up this morning to find an email in my inbox offering me a contract for Second Chances at Loose Id!

This is exciting for several reasons - first, I'm just thrilled that Rori's story will be told and that Loose Id sees the potential in a story that is not necessarily a straight road from when HH first meet to HEA.

Secondly, I'm happy to be working with Loose Id. I feel very spoiled now to be working with Ellora's Cave AND Loose Id - it's the best of both worlds and I'm excited about becoming part of their family too. Some of my favorite authors write for one or the other or both and I'm really honored to become one of those authors.

It's looking like a September release but I'll know more as the process continues, this is early early days.

Monday, May 23, 2005

       First Official Review of Triad

Today my first official review of Triad came out - Five stars out of five from Ecataromance!

The full review is here but here's a snippet:

Ms. Dane’s debut novel is absolutely fabulous! Ms. Dane demonstrates how extremely creative she is by enrapturing her fans with exciting and deliciously appealing characters which she weaves into the most beautifully sensual love scenes. This combination was erotically pleasing and sensually captivating. I anxiously await the next book in this series and sincerely hope it will be about Emily Chavez, Em, Lee’s sister. If you, like me find it titillating to read books where vampires, witches and wizards are mixed in, then this book is a must read! You will not be disappointed…

Dianne Nogueras
Reviewer for eCata Romance

Friday, May 20, 2005

       Samhain Author Blogs

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

       Some Postive Words

So yesterday's entry was a bit negative and I wanted to come back today with something positive. It's release day at Ellora's Cave. Every Wednesday there's a crop of new books that come out. Last week was my release day and now my book is off the front page and someone else's book is in Triad's place.

Romance as a genre is always under attack. People say it's shallow and stupid and poorly written. Sub genres get worse treatment. Now erotic romance is under attack - by other romance authors.

I just want to state for the record that I have been supported and encouraged by so many of my fellow authors that I can't even count them all. From one who emailed me to tell me to add "http" in my signature line so it was a clickable link on some lists to those who've offered to crit my work (and have). I've had other authors buy my book and then were sure to tell me about it in ways that I knew they'd read it. Other authors have been my cheerleaders when I've gotten new books contracted and helped me improve on stuff that wasn't. And they've inspired me and made me laugh and cry and angry at that girl who is trying to wreck the relationship between the H and H.

And readers - wow the readers. What a bunch of great people my readers are! So many little notes and comments that lift me and cheer me! Far from being unable to put the crack pipe down, they're smart and discerning. They won't buy from authors who don't put out quality work and they will buy what they like, regardless of what anyone else says. They're independent and intelligent and fun.

Anyway, I wanted to wash away the negativity of yesterday with something positive and most importantly, needed to be said.

Thank you,


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

       This Might Be Controversial

But I honestly can't not comment on it. It goes against my nature!

Today a woman who claims to write erotic romance put up a "diatribe" about erotic romance at a certain website. I'm not going to say who she is because she doesn't deserve the attention.

This self righteous screed of hers comes on the heels of some priggish letters that showed up in a recent romance writers' magazine. These letters attacked erotic romance as porn and the authors of erotic romance as being a negative influence on the genre as a whole.

This is all about jealousy. These people can't stand it that other authors are doing well by kicking down doors and making new roads for themselves. They can't stand it that their precious rules have been broken and more than that, readers are responding with their book buying dollars.

Yeah, that's right, you heard me, jealous. And while you're listening, understand that I'm saying what I'm saying and if people don't like it, I will stand behind it because I have the integrity to own what I say unlike certain other people.

Here's the perfect solution - if you don't like erotic romance - DON'T READ IT! Simple huh? If you don't like graphic love scenes, erotica is not the genre for you.

And another thing, if you are going to stand up and insult the people who write in your self defined genre, you'd better be something special at the computer. Your writing had better be amazing, especially when you admonish people not to spend money on anyone else's books. Now, I'd be very petty if I said that having read excerpts that compared a tongue to a crustacean - that hurdle was not jumped, but I'll let you all decide that for yourselves, because purple prose (even that which makes no sense) has a place in the world and I certainly think that people who like it should have authors to buy it from.

So here's the thing, I am not threatened by people who write in genres that I don't like. In fact, I'm always happy when other authors are doing well because it's good that people can make a living with their writing AND I love that people are reading. But when people feel the need to launch a strike against their fellow authors for no reason other than to crow that they are amazing and everyone else sucks and that those readers who like everyone else are "verbal crack whores" - those people had better be prepare to either apologize or own what they've said.
Do not lie and say you were misunderstood. Do not backpedal and try and change the subject. Do not blame your words on someone else - these things make you look like a slug. Suck it up crustacean tongue woman, you said it, now deal with it.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

       Well Wow!

So Triad is finally out and it's been a wild, wild week! Working with another newbie author, Nicole Austin, we hosted the EC Board Monday and Tuesday and posted loads of hot excerpts from some of the great EC authors and gave away prizes and just spt a lot of time chatting. Wednesday, Triad released and it was wonderful and terrifying all at once. Would people like it?

Thursday I got some really sweet and positive feedback about the book and I let out the breath I'd been holding.

Can I just tell you all how wonderful it is to get fan mail? What a great feeling to know that people like something I've created enough to take the time to drop me a note telling me so. It's really something that I cherish and thank you to all of you who've done it. I've made the decision to do the same with books I like as well.

So I'm nearly finished with my first round edits for Touch of Fae, the sequel to Triad and Em's story. Then it's back to Witches Knot, book three. Oh and I'm still working on a title for the series!

Thanks to everyone who has read Triad and supported me and encouraged me through this whole process. Honestly, it means so much to me.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

       Hey Everyone, Countdown to Wednesday!

Well, we're coming down to the wire! Only three days to go and Triad is released!

I have a great List Mom day planned for Tuesday at the Ellora's Cave Reader Chat Board. I've got excerpts from:

Me (of course), Nicole Austin, Anya Bast, Ashley Ladd, Delilah Devlin, Kate Hill, Charli Teglia, Jaci Burton, Jennifer Dunne, Claire Thompson, Ann Jacobs, Mackenzie McCade, Lois Bonde, Cheyenne McCray, Mardi Ballou, Katherine Kingston, Elizabeth Lapthorne, and Samantha Winston!

Loads of great prizes, including downloads from many of the above listed authors, some other fun stuff and loads of great fun!

So don't miss it! Monday, fellow newbie, Nicole Austin is hosting the Cave for the day and she's got a heck of a day planned too! So don't miss it!

Wednesday at my loop I'll have yet more prizes to give away (partly from my contest and partly just because) and we'll make it a party for Triad and also for Di's birthday!

So come on out and share the fun.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

       I Have A Cover! And A Contest Announcement!

Afternoon all! Triad now has a cover which you can look at my website or my yahoo group. If you stop by my yahoo group, check out the contest I'm currently running for a download of Triad and a custom mixed CD that inspired me while writing it. If you aren't already a member, it's free and I don't sell any lists but you can get all sorts of early info and excerpts along with special contests like this one.

I'm also hosting the Ellora's Cave Reader's Chat board all day on May 10th where I'll be giving away a whole host of goodies and putting up excerpts from Triad and several other very tasty EC releases. So please come on by and say hello. Fellow EC newbie Nicole Austin and I are combining forces to rock the Cave with our threesome books, she on Monday the 9th and me on Tuesday - we're both releasing on Wednesday so don't miss the fun.