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Monday, February 28, 2005

       Come Chat With Me~

Hey everyone, tonight is my very first author chat. It's at writerspace starting at 8 p.m. eastern. I hope you can pop in and say hello, Denise Agnew, Lani Aames, Cynthia Williams and NJ Walters will also be chatting so you'll get great tidbits from them too.

I'll post a debrief tomorrow...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

       Update Goodness...

So things got a bit held up over the last week when life took over and everyone in my house got sick, including the baby (who is not the sweet muffin she normally is when she's sick). At least it happened on the school break so my oldest didn't have to miss school.

In any case, didn't do much writing this week but I'm feeling much more energized today and hope to get back to it this evening after the kidlets are in bed and the house is nice and quiet.

Working on the M/M scenes has been a challenge but really really fun. It's great to add that level of connection between Rhett and Lucas and well, I must admit to liking to watch them in my head. (what? I never claimed to be a good girl, LOL)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

       New Title...

Okay, thank you so much to everyone who sent me suggestions for the title of the new book. The winner of a download of Triad and the new book whenever it comes out is Tracy who blew my socks off with "Witches Knot"

Not only is it a great title that fits the storyline perfectly, it gave me some inspiration for some character development as well.

So thank you Tracy and also thank you to the runner up, Susan, who also won a download of Triad for all of her excellent suggestions.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

       Happy Sigh

So those of you who know me know that I have a Pearl Jam fetish to go with my word fetish. I've travelled a few thousand miles to see them and when they are on tour, I kinda go all fan girl. I love smart music, I love political music, I love Ed's voice and Mike's showmanship and Stone's quiet control and Matt's hands and Jeff, well I just love everything about Jeff.

So anyway, the last two times PJ was here I missed the chance to see them. I was second in line to buy tickets for Benaroya and it sold out before the person in front of me even got their tickets (damned scalpers) and the last time I couldn't even get through on the phone and I had an ultrasound that day and called on my cell phone the whole way to the hospital.

This time, it appears that they've learned from the last two debacles and had a fan club ticket lottery as well as an online ticket auction. The latter is too rich for my blood but I threw my hat into the lottery for the chance to buy tickets at the first two ticket prices. The last time I did this was for the Showbox shows and I didn't win. This time however, I did!

Yes! So did several other people here in town that I know and love and on March 18 I will be at the Paramount, in the mid priced seats, watching my band. Presidents of the United States and the Wilson Sisters will also be there, I am not giant fans of either one but my oldest son could sing "Peaches" at three. Of course all of my children know Pearl Jam and have since conception because it's pretty much a regular feature in the CD player.

It's a great treat for such a dreary time and it's cheered me up immensely! Now, if I can just get this book finished things will be cake.

Oh and look at my yahoo group, I'm having a contest to name the third Charvez book. Win a download of Triad and of the yet to be named third book if I choose your title idea.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

       Update and a Call for Help!

Okay folks! I finally finished the first, big emotional scene between Lucas, Holly and Rhett. It took me some time to map it all out, I had to be careful because Holly is this very well defended woman and she'd given her body freely enough but Lucas wants more, Rhett wants more. In a very intense scene that involves some bondage those walls around her heart and soul get broken down systematically but the surprising thing is that this breakthrough also affects Lucas deeply as well.

At the end, I was actually teary eyed. I become so attached to the characters in my books and Holly is such a great woman, so wounded but really brave too.

Now all I have to do is keep writing and come up with a really great name.

So in that vein (hey, vampires, vein, ha!) - I'm asking my readers to help with a title. The first two books are Triad and A Touch of Fae and feature the Charvez family. This one has two vampires and a witch and is set in Seattle and New Orleans. Holly is a woman who has had to hide her gift for most of her life because her mother hated her own powers and those of her daughter. She is alone in the world after her mother dies but has this large family (another big emotional scene for later in the book when they all meet and she sees how close they are - resentment, envy, guilt, etc). She meets Lucas (a six and a half foot tall vampire with pale green eyes, waist long dredlocks and skin the color of cafe au lait) and Rhett (tall, black hair, brown eyes, dresses like an ad from GQ - think Clive Owen) and they become a menage and bind together.

So the working title is Lost and Found but I don't like it much. Got any ideas? I'll come up with a lovely prize for the winner! - answer here or email me at